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A New Way to Protect Pedestrians? Google Patents “Pedestrian Glue” For Cars

June 03, 2016

Pedestrian accidents are a tremendous local and national problem. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that pedestrian fatalities due to car accidents are sadly on the rise. At a time when most other traffic related fatalities are on the decline, pedestrian accidents have surged. Many safety organizations are working towards reversing this alarming trend. Google has recently patented a novel idea that aims to reduce the severity of pedestrian accidents. "Pedestrian glue," as it has been dubbed, may sound strange, but could prove effective.

At Montlick & Associates, our Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys are always on the alert for new safety technologies that could save lives. We have represented thousands of pedestrians with serious injuries and many families who lost their loved ones in these horrific accidents. Below, we discuss the new Google "pedestrian glue" patent and some other important proposals for reducing the rate of these very deadly types of accidents.

Google's "Pedestrian Glue"

On May 17, Google was granted a novel patent entitled "Adhesive Vehicle Front End For Mitigation of Secondary Pedestrian Impact." The patent describes a sticky adhesive material, similar to fly paper, meant to be applied to motor vehicles. This adhesive can be used on Google's self-driving cars as well as ordinary passenger vehicles. In the event of a pedestrian accident involving a car equipped with the adhesive, the pedestrian would stick to the front of the vehicle. This, in theory, would cause the pedestrian to come to a more gradual stop than if he or she was hit by and bounced off of the vehicle.

Often, pedestrians who are hit by cars will sustain one to multiple additional impacts, such as falling onto the road or even being hit by another vehicle. Consequently, the adhesive patented by Google is intended to prevent these hazards. The sticky material will be housed underneath an eggshell-like exterior so that it will not gather insects or other materials during normal driving.

Google holds thousands of patents, far more than its competitors. However, not all of the patents come to fruition. Time will tell whether this "pedestrian glue" idea is commercially developed. The idea certainly has merit given the tremendous problem of pedestrian accidents and, if the technology works, could save lives.

Protecting Pedestrians

There have been numerous other technological innovations intended to protect pedestrians. Driver distraction is believed to be a significant cause of pedestrian accidents, as drivers on their phones, eating, or otherwise not paying attention might not see a crossing pedestrian. Today, many vehicles are equipped with technology that will detect distraction and issue a warning or even take corrective action. Further, several automakers have redesigned the hood of their vehicles to protect pedestrians, offering more clearance between the hood and engine components.  Some manufacturers have even included a hood airbag that will deploy if the hood is hit by an object, including a person. With more companies focusing on the problem of pedestrian accidents, we remain hopeful that accident rates will diminish in the near future.

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