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Video Released of Self-Driving Car Accident

March 18, 2016

Recently, video was released depicting a Google self-driving car hitting a public bus last month in Mountain View, California. The film is a compilation of traffic footage and video from inside the bus. The accident made headline news because it was the first autonomous car accident that was at least partially the fault of the car. This minor accident occurred when the Google self-driving car attempted to maneuver into the center lane in front of a transit bus. When the bus failed to yield, the car collided with the side of it. No injuries were reported, but the accident and the recently released video have both served as evidence for anti-self-driving car advocates to urge the dangerousness of these vehicles.

Self-driving cars could drastically alter the entire transportation industry, impacting our day to day lives, our roads and others. While most accept that these cars are the way of the future, some oppose them as hazardous and unnecessary. The auto accident lawyers at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, stay up to date on the latest advances in car technology. Our extensive knowledge of cutting-edge legal issues helps us to provide you with the strongest legal assistance possible.

Calls for Increased Oversight

This recent Google car accident has led to several agencies calling for more oversight over the field of autonomous vehicles and like technology. According to some, the accident is proof that self-driving cars are not ready to operate without a human driver inside who can take over in the event something goes wrong.

In order to operate safely and effectively, self-driving cars must attempt to predict other driver's actions. This is not always an easy task, just as it generally proves challenging for human drivers. In the recent accident, the self-driving car made an inaccurate assumption that the bus driver would stop, while the bus driver made an inaccurate assumption that the car would stay where it was. This lead to a minor collision.

Google has publicly stated that it will learn from the accident and make changes within its algorithms to take into account the behavior of transit buses. Most agree that the accident should not spell the end of research and testing of self-driving cars, but can serve as a learning experience for Google and other autonomous car creators. If these vehicles can be perfected, they could greatly reduce accident rates by eliminating the number one cause of all car accidents—human error.

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