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Google Self-Driving Car Crashes into Bus

March 03, 2016

Recently, a car accident occurred that could impact the future of the self-driving car industry. A Google self-driving vehicle needed to maneuver into the center lane in order to make a right hand turn around some sand bags. The car, and its driver, assumed the bus behind would slow or stop to allow the car to enter. Instead, the Google Lexus collided with the side of the bus. Fortunately, the car was traveling at just two miles per hour and the damage was minimal. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys are pleased to report that no one in the car or bus was injured.

This minor accident is nonetheless significant because it represents the first autonomous car accident that was, at least in part, the fault of the self-driving car. Google cars have been involved in other accidents, but they have always been the fault of the other driver. This time, even Google admits it bears some responsibility for the accident.

The car accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, will be closely watching the outcome of this self-driving car accident. We remain hopeful that Google can make improvements to allow the self-driving car movement to go forward. Our firm knows firsthand that the majority of car accidents are caused by human error. This Google accident does show, however, that car accidents can still occur when you eliminate the human element.

Software Changes

Google has stated that it will review this incident and look into the numerous variations that could occur. It will make refinements to the software within its fleet of self-driving cars. The company has stated that its vehicles will understand in the future that buses and other large vehicles are less likely to yield than cars. Moreover, it appears that though an official determination of fault is still forthcoming, Google will be taking action after this accident.

The Car of the Future

For years, self-driving cars have been envisioned as the car of the future. It is widely accepted that eventually self-driving vehicles will become the norm. Google is one of the pioneers of the autonomous vehicle and its cars have lodged thousands of driving miles, mostly in California. In the six years that these vehicles have been on the roads, there have been approximately 17 accidents. All accidents were minor and none were the fault of the vehicles, until this one. It will be interesting to see if this most recent self-driving car accident will alter the autonomous car industry. If anything, it will hopefully increase safety overall, which will be critical in years to come.

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