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How to Become a Better Driver in 2016

February 25, 2016

If you did not make a New Year's resolution or want to add a new one, consider making your vow to become a better driver in the year 2016. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are over 30,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Georgia alone has over 1,000 fatal accidents. Car accident victims can sustain a wide variety of injuries, including back and neck injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries and more.

Many car accidents are preventable. A resolution to become a better driver can become a part of the ultimate solution of reducing car accident rates. The car accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, hope that you will consider making some changes in your driving habits to prevent accidents in the year 2016.

Safe Driving Essentials

Following these steps below will lead to safer driving overall:

  1. Avoid distractions: Drivers today face many distractions, including their cell phones, the radio, children in the car, trying to eat while driving and more. It is essential that drivers do not allow themselves to become distracted. Focus solely on the task of driving for your own safety.
  2. Keep your cool: Losing your patience while driving causes a number of accidents annually. Learn to be patient, no matter what the traffic or situation. Driving in a calm manner will reduce your risk of speeding, displaying road rage and hopefully also help to reduce the likelihood of an accident.
  3. Leave a safe distance: It is critical that you maintain an adequate following distance. One way to do this is to follow the three second rule. When the vehicle ahead of you passes a fixed object, start to count. Your vehicle should not reach the same fixed point for at least three seconds. If you reach it sooner, it is time to increase your following distance by safely slowing down.
  4. Never drink and drive: It can be so tempting to drive yourself home after having just a drink or two. The reality is that it is never safe to drink and drive. Drinking even a small quantity impairs your judgment and ability to be a safe driver. Vow to never drink and drive in the year 2016 and instead plan ahead for a safe, sober ride.
  5. Watch the speed limit: It is easy to become lax about watching the speed limit, especially when you commute on a certain road every day. Speed is a major contributor to car accidents, however, and a cornerstone of safe driving is obeying the speed limit.

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