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Buying a Safe Used Car in Georgia

February 21, 2016

Used cars offer an affordable option for many families and teens. While many used cars will provide safe transportation for years to come, others can present safety hazards. There are numerous steps, among others, you can take to ensure you purchase the safest possible used car for your family.

  1. Get the newest vehicle you can: Much older cars could lack safety features when compared with newer models. Shop for the newest car that your budget will allow because these new vehicles are generally equipped with more safety features and will keep you safer overall.
  2. Research your potential vehicle: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranks vehicles annually in accordance with their crash-worthiness and overall safety. If you have a potential used car in mind, look up that vehicle's crash test data and safety rankings to assess its safety.
  3. Visit reputable car dealers: If you plan to buy a used car from a car dealership, spend some time researching the dealer's ratings online or through your personal contacts. Some dealers are far more reputable than others. Major car dealers are generally a safe choice and can even offer a warranty for your vehicle.
  4. Be careful meeting sellers off Craigslist: If you are going to purchase a car from a private individual, often off Craigslist, be sure to meet the seller in a safe public place. Your personal safety is the first priority.
  5. Research the car's history: It can be helpful to determine the car's history, including its number of prior owners and maintenance history. This information can generally be obtained through Car Fax using the car's VIN number. The seller might also have records or other information to supply you with. Look for a used car with one or two prior owners and a solid maintenance record.
  6. Check the car carefully: Inspect the car carefully, keeping an eye out for potential mechanical issues that could present safety hazards, such as leaking fluids, brake problems, or engine issues. Run the VIN number to determine the validity of the title.
  7. Have a professional inspect the car: Your next step, if the car has passed your initial assessment, will be having the car inspected by a licensed mechanic. The seller should allow you to have the car inspected and any seller that denies this request could be hiding important information. A mechanic will prove essential in uncovering whether there are potential safety issues with the car. With the mechanic's clean bill of health, along with all of your other research, you can feel secure that you have purchased a well maintained and safe used vehicle.

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