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Test Your Winter Weather Driving Knowledge with Our Quiz

February 18, 2016

The winter weather is officially here in Georgia and all drivers should take steps to keep themselves safe. Winter weather presents unique hazards for drivers. Ice and snow on the road can send cars careening into other vehicles or obstacles. Not all drivers understand how to safely operate a car during winter weather conditions. The following quiz will test your winter weather driving knowledge and, hopefully, help reduce your risk of an accident by improving your understanding of driving in the ice and snow.

Q: What should you do if your vehicle starts to skid on an icy road?

A. Steer in the direction you want the wheels to go
B. Pump your brakes
C. Call 911
D. Stomp on the brake

The correct answer is A. When caught in a skid, steer your vehicle in the direction you want the wheels to travel. Braking at this time will be ineffective.


Q: True or False-- It is a good idea to use cruise control when driving in wintry conditions.

False. When driving in inclement weather, it is not wise to use cruise control. If the roads are slick, touching your brake to deactivate cruise control could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Refrain from using cruise control when the roads could be icy or slick.


Q: Which areas of the roadway may ice over first?

A. Tunnels
B. Bridges
C. Highways

The correct answer is B. Bridges, being the highest point, tend to ice first. As such, use extra caution when traveling over a bridge on a frigid day. You might wish to avoid bridges altogether, especially in the early mornings where ice could be at its worst and few other cars are on the road.


Q: True or False—If you have four wheel drive, you do not have to worry about snow or ice and can travel at a normal speed.

False. Even drivers with four wheel drive must use caution during snow and ice conditions. Four wheel drive will not prevent you from sliding or skidding in poor weather conditions. All drivers should slow down during inclement weather and increase their following distance in order to stay safe.


Q: What should you pack in your emergency kit?

A. Food
B. Water
C. Flashlight
D. All of the Above

The correct answer is D. It is wise to pack an emergency bag to stow in your car at all times, but especially during the winter months. Your emergency kit should include water, some food that will not perish, a flashlight, and other important items. If you ever become stranded due to snow or ice, this pack may prove vital to your survival and well being.


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