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Pregnant Women Face an Increased Risk of Car Accidents

February 02, 2016

A study released by a group of Canadian researchers has identified a new health risk associated with pregnancy: an increased likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident, particularly in the second trimester. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and presented some alarming data. It revealed that the odds of a woman in the second trimester being involved in a multiple vehicle accident that requires emergency room treatment has increased over 40 percent in the last three years. This risk significantly decreases by the third trimester and further decreases in the years that follow the birth.

Reasons Behind the Heightened Accident Risk in the Second Trimester

Researchers were surprised to see that the second trimester carried the greatest increase in accident risks because this is a stage of pregnancy most commonly regarded as a time when women feel like themselves. It does not generally involve the nausea or fatigue of the first trimester or discomforts of the third. Researchers theorized that perhaps during this time, pregnant women do not change their behavior in order to account for the changes occurring within their bodies, which might for the increased accident rates.

Risks to Pregnant Women in Car Accidents

The increased number of pregnant women involved in car accidents is alarming given the serious risks these accidents pose. The sudden stopping motion of a car accident can harm the pregnant woman and her child. Women do not need to suffer a direct injury to the abdomen; rather, even a low speed crash can cause injury, especially in a high risk pregnancy. The more serious the accident, the greater the risk of injury or death to the woman and baby.

Car accidents involving pregnant women are associated with a number of serious complications, including, but not limited to:

• Premature birth
• Miscarriage
• Birth defects
• Cesarean section
• Placental abruption
• Hemorrhaging

The greatest risk is reported to be that of placental abruption, or the detachment of the placenta. If the placenta is detached due to the force of the accident, the baby will lose oxygen and often perish. The steering wheel hitting the abdomen is a common cause of this serious injury.

Researchers are working on making the car a safer place for pregnant women to travel. For now, experts caution pregnant women to always wear a three point belt, even if it feels awkward, and ride in a vehicle equipped with air bags.

Any pregnant woman involved in a car accident should seek medical attention right away as injuries to the baby might not always be evident. If you have been injured in the accident, contact a licensed car accident attorney as soon as possible.  An attorney will examine the facts and circumstances of your case and take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

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