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Check Your Tires Often To Prevent Car Accidents

January 26, 2016

Tire issues can cause devastating car accidents. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that faulty tires cause about 78,000 car accidents each year. Tires are a vital component to the safety of your vehicle and worn tread or a tire malfunction could equal disaster when driving.  At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our car accident attorneys have assisted a number of clients who were injured in accidents due to tire related issues. We also understand the importance of checking your tires often to avoid such accidents and offer the following guide to help you stay safe.

Important Tire Maintenance

Proper tire maintenance and investigation to uncover possible defects can prevent accidents and injuries. Be sure to complete the steps below, among others:

  1. Have your tires regularly rotated: Rotating your tires not only improves your gas mileage, but it will likely help tires last longer and can prevent blowouts. When your tires are rotated, the mechanic will also inspect them for signs of wear or damage, which could prevent an accident.
  2. Check your tread: If your tread is worn out, you could be placing yourself in harm's way. Make sure you have your tire tread checked regularly to avoid potential accidents. Without proper tread, your tires will be unable to effectively grip the road.
  3. Maintain your pressure: Routinely check your tire pressure and fill your tires to the ideal pressure as recommended by the tire manufacturer. If you notice a tire losing pressure too fast, head to the auto shop as this could signal tire failure or another dangerous condition.
  4. Align and balance your tires: All tires should be aligned and balanced regularly. This will not only extend the life of your tires, but will ensure they are safe and in optimal condition.
  5. Make sure your tires are the correct size: It is important that, when purchasing new tires, you ensure they are the appropriate size for your vehicle and that all tires match.
  6. Check for recalls: Tires are some of the most routinely recalled automobile parts. Be sure to register your tires so you will receive notice of a recall and periodically check to make sure your tires have not been part of one.
  7. Look before you drive: One of the most important things you can do is simply inspect your tires before setting off on the road. Look for signs of wear, pulling apart, bald areas, and more because all of these conditions are extremely dangerous. Do not leave inspections solely to yourself.  However, make sure a professional automobile parts dealer looks at your tires routinely as well.

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