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Three Men Killed in Atlanta After Car Flips onto Interstate

January 26, 2016

Recently, three men tragically died after the driver lost control of their car and flipped onto I-75 in Atlanta. The accident closed the freeway for several hours. Atlanta police report that the three men, ages 36, 33, and 24, were traveling south on the Buford Highway Connector at about 3 a.m. when the driver of the vehicle lost control. The vehicle veered off the ramp and into the barrier, where it traveled for some distance before ultimately flipping over the wall and landing on its roof in the road.  Police report that the car was crushed and all three individuals were killed on impact. Family members and the community now mourn the loss of these three men.

Loss of Control Car Accidents

A large number of car accidents are caused by the driver losing control of the vehicle. In some cases the driver could lose control due to a mechanical failure, but in other cases the accident is preventable. Losing control of your car can lead to deadly accidents, especially when traveling at a high rate of speed. The following is a look at some tips, among others, for avoiding loss of control accidents:

1. Stay focused: When driving, you must pay attention to a lot of factors at once, including your speed, road and weather conditions, traffic signs and signals, and the actions of travelers around you. It is imperative that you avoid all distractions so that you can stay focused on the complex task of driving. Talking on the phone and texting pull your attention from the road. This could lead to a lapse of judgment and, in turn, loss of control.

2. Watch your speed: Loss of control accidents often result from excessive speed. Traveling too fast for the road or weather conditions can cause your tires to lose traction and veer from the roadway. It could also leave you without time to brake if confronted with an obstacle. Keep your speed down to help prevent serious accidents.

3. Never drink and drive: Drunk driving is the cause of a number of loss of control accidents and is incredibly dangerous. Intoxicated drivers will lack the focus, reflexes, and perception to properly control an automobile, leading to loss of control accidents. Plan ahead if you intend to drink so that you are never in the position of driving drunk.

4. Stay alert: Driving while excessively fatigued can lead to loss of control of the vehicle as you can make errors reacting to situations that you would normally be able to handle if you were fully alert. Always ensure you have had enough rest before setting off on the road. If you feel tired while driving, stop to rest or get a coffee before resuming.

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