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Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Proving Soft Tissue Damage

December 29, 2015

Car accidents can cause serious injuries for victims and there are many fatalities every year. The damage that was done in the accident is usually very clear. However, not all injuries sustained by accident victims are evident immediately or even over the long-term, especially when soft tissue damage is involved. Specifically, soft tissue injuries can involve damage to ligaments, muscles, and tendons throughout the body, and may take hours, days, and sometimes weeks or more to become apparent to victims. While these types of injuries can be debilitating, causing people to miss work and struggle to perform routine tasks, they can be difficult to prove through a standard physical exam or even routine medical tests such as X-rays.

At Montlick and Associates, we have represented countless victims who have suffered from soft tissue injuries, which can include bruising, muscle swelling, brain injury, loss of physical function, as well as painful neck and back conditions. We are determined to fight for your rights and help you to you obtain the maximum amount of compensation legally possible. Regardless of how challenging or complex your soft tissue injury case might be, we are available now to help you learn more about your legal options.

In the light of the above, our dedicated team of Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers wish to provide you with some valuable information on the steps you can take to increase your chances of legally recovering from your soft tissue injuries, such as, among other things:

  1. File a police report at the scene of an accident and check to make sure that it accurately depicts the facts. The more accurate the facts, the better the chance you will have at proving your soft tissue related damages;
  2. Allow emergency responders to evaluate you after your accident. Even if you think that you are not injured, sometimes the shock associated with being in an accident can prevent you from immediately experiencing physical symptoms. Since many symptoms of soft tissue damages take time to appear, it is best to have yourself examined so that your injuries are documented and there is a record from the beginning of the medical treatment;
  3. Seek additional medical treatment and be sure to follow through with your treatment plan. Many times, people think they are not injured enough to pursue medical treatment, or even injured at all, so they choose not to seek treatment. In other cases, accident victims might start feeling better soon after treatment, despite the fact that their conditions are still present and require further evaluation/rehabilitation. Failing to follow through with treatment or to seek treatment at all can dramatically affect your ability to recover completely. Also, consider seeking the services of a orthopedic or neurological specialist. These types of specialists are normally most qualified to treat injuries caused by a traumatic event; and
  4. Contact a Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer as soon as possible. A Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer who is experienced at handling soft injury cases is in the best position to help you prove your case and obtain for you the compensation you deserve. Do not think that your injuries are not significant enough to seek qualified legal advice. Contact Montlick and Associates now to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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