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Two Georgia Brothers Killed in Car Accident During Heavy Downpour

December 08, 2015

The Jefferson, Georgia community is mourning the loss of two brothers who were killed in an car accident during heavy rain recently. The brothers were driving home from a birthday celebration when the driver attempted to turn left onto Old Pendergrass Road. Police report that he turned into the path of a freightliner truck. One brother tragically died at the scene of the accident, while the other passed away a few hours later. The entire community has rallied around the family to express their condolences for the loss of these young, vibrant lives.

Rain Leads to Thousands of Serious Car Accidents Annually

Georgia receives extensive rain each year. Most people do not consider the potential dangers of driving in the rain, but rain is linked to thousands of car accidents each year. One of the greatest problems is that not all drivers know how to drive in the rain. In bad weather conditions, drivers who behave recklessly and those who drive timidly can both cause accidents. Excessively timid drivers will drive at unreasonably low speeds during rain. This can cause traffic to back up and lead to rear end accidents.

Reckless drivers present an even greater hazard. Reckless drivers will ignore the consequences of bad weather and could drive at full speed on the highway or even exceed the speed limit, even when visibility is low or roads are soaked. When cars traveling at fast speeds lose control on slick roadways, they are likely to be involved in a car accident that could be serious.

Rain Makes Roads Slippery

Rain can make roadways slick, making it more difficult for cars to stay on the roadway, stop, or avoid colliding with other vehicles. Roads are at their slickest when it first starts raining. When the rain begins, oil rises to the surface and creates a slippery, greasy surface. If you cannot stop your car in time, accidents can happen.

Rain Decreases Visibility

In addition to making roads slippery, rain also makes it difficult for drivers to see other cars and their surroundings. Rain diminishes the visibility of drivers and windshield wipers cannot always correct the situation.

Preventing Car Accidents in the Rain

To prevent rain related car accidents, start by driving slower. If you travel at lower speeds, your tire traction will improve, providing you with more time to brake. Make sure you focus on the road ahead. While this is important at all times, it is especially so during rainy conditions. Moreover, be sure to avoid standing water and defog your windows. Do not brake suddenly, as this could cause the car to skid.

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