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Do You Need AWD for Georgia Winters?

November 19, 2015

The United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration estimates that nearly 6,250 fatal accidents occur due to adverse weather or slick pavement, while over 480,000 others are injured in these accidents. Snow and sleet are some of the most dangerous weather conditions, causing a wide array of serious accidents annually.

In light of the alarming impact of winter weather on accident rates, car manufacturers have trumpeted the importance of all-wheel drive for inclement conditions. All-wheel drive (AWD) is one of the key reasons SUVs are a top selling type of automobile. Although AWD is marketed as a necessary feature, does AWD really assist drivers during potentially snowy winters in parts of Georgia? A recent Consumer Report study would point to the ineffectiveness of this popular feature.

The study examined the effectiveness of AWD vehicles on driving in snowy, unplowed conditions. Researchers found that AWD is better than two wheel drive when it comes to driving on slippery surfaces where you need to gain additional traction to gain momentum. However, AWD by itself will not help if you are heading too fast around a sharp curve in the snow.

Snow Tires Provide the Best Grip

Tests showed that snow tires provide the best overall grip and assurance that you will be able to go, stop, or maneuver around a corner no matter what you drive, whether it is an all-wheel drive, front-drive, or rear-drive vehicle. Overall, if you live in a portion of Georgia that sees frequent snow, a vehicle equipped with AWD with winter tires will capably allow you to navigate the sleek roads around you.

Most drivers, however, do not think to get snow tires if they have AWD. They believe the AWD system provides the assistance they need to safely make it through snowy conditions. At times, this will prove true and some AWD systems are better than others. However, if you expect to see significant snow or slippery conditions this winter, it would be wise to obtain a set of four snow tires.

Consult with an Attorney Following a Weather Related Crash

If you have been involved in a weather related crash, contact an automobile accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will review the accident to uncover whether another person or party acted negligently in causing the accident. All drivers must adjust their driving to account for poor weather conditions, which includes slowly down severely if roads are slick or snowy, using your headlights, and much more. Drivers that fail to take the necessary precautions in poor weather should be held accountable for the injuries that result.

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