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Bad Habits Your Teens Could be Learning from You

November 18, 2015

Any parent will tell you, children observe their parents attitudes and behavior starting from the moment they are born. Children seek to emulate these behaviors, whether they are good or bad. This extends to many different areas of life, including driving. Teenagers learn a lot about how to drive from their parents. Parents who drive carelessly or do not take steps to ensure the safety of themselves or others can teach teens bad driving behaviors.

Risky Behaviors Teens Learn from Parents

There are several dangerous behaviors that teenagers might first pick up from their parents, including, but not limited to:

1. Cell Phone Use While Driving

According to a USA Today report, 90 percent of teens admit to talking on the cell phone while driving and 78 percent text while driving. At times, teens might have first observed this dangerous behavior from their parents. A large percentage of all drivers will use their cell phones while driving. In fact, 91 percent of teens report seeing their parents talk on their cell phones while driving and about 60 percent witnessed their parents texting.

Beware that your child, from a very young age, is likely watching what you do while you drive. Drivers should not ever text and drive, but parents should be especially vigilant to never engage in this dangerous behavior while their children are in the car.

2. Alcohol Use

Drinking is a considerable problem among teen drivers, and one that can have devastating results. Some 20 percent of all teens report seeing their parents drink and drive. By witnessing this dangerous behavior, teens are far more likely to think it is safe to drink and then get behind the wheel. Plan ahead and take a taxi or appoint a sober driver if you plan to drink so that your teen will do the same later on.

3. Wearing a Seat Belt While Driving

Nearly half of all teens polled report seeing their parents drive without wearing a seat belt. In turn, 33 percent of teens report that they have driven without a seat belt. Driving without a seat belt can result in death or serious injuries in the event of a crash. Parents need to be aware of the example they are setting for their children and exhibit proper seat belt use each and every time they get in the car.

All parents with teenagers in the home should make good decisions while driving. Start today by emulating positive behaviors and encouraging your teens to engage in the same safe driving behaviors.

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