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Lamborghini Driver Killed in Fiery DeKalb County Accident

November 03, 2015

The driver of a Lamborghini was killed recently in DeKalb County. The 35 year old sports car driver was killed on Browns Mill Road after his vehicle struck two other vehicles and crashed into the treeline before flipping over. DeKalb County fire department officials report that the vehicle ignited and the driver was trapped within the flames. Three people in other vehicles involved in the accident sustained minor injuries. One driver involved reports that the Lamborghini driver was attempting to overtake him when it collided with another vehicle head on. Investigators thus far believe that excessive speed was a factor in the accident.

Speed Kills

Studies show that speed is one of the most common contributing factors in fatal and serious car accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that speed accounts for about 31 percent of fatal accidents each year. Speed comes at a considerable cost. The NHTSA estimates that speed related crashes cost the public about $40.4 billion. Each year, over 10,200 lives are lost in speed related accidents and such accidents appear to be increasing in recent years.

Young males are the most likely to travel at excessive speeds. Some 37 percent of 15 to 20 year olds as well as 37 percent of 21 to 24 year old male drivers involved in fatal accidents were speeding at the time of the crash.

Alcohol is heavily related to speed related accidents. Over 40 percent of all speeding drivers had blood alcohol concentrations in excess of .08. Young drivers in fatal crashes were found to be under the influence of alcohol in about half of all accidents. Alcohol is related to the loss of control and lack of awareness, which contributes to speeding.

Sadly, some types of vehicles also seem to increase the likelihood that certain drivers will speed. Luxury sports vehicles, known for their ability to reach high speeds in seconds, are involved in a number of speed related crashes. Thus, drivers of these vehicles should recognize that though the vehicle is capable of reaching excessive speeds in no time, this does not mean it is safe or legal to do so.

All drivers should keep a close eye on their speed and ensure that they stay within the speed limit. Drivers must also adjust their speed to the conditions of the road, further reducing their speed when road conditions are slick, roads are curving, or the situation in and of itself requires caution. New and young male drivers should be especially cognizant as to the dangers of speeding and parents of teen drivers should take steps to ensure their teens drive within the speed limit.

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