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Living with Pain: When the Pain Caused by a Car Accident Becomes Permanent

October 22, 2015

At times, the victims of a serious car accident will continue to experience pain for years after the accident. Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists or progresses over a long period of time and it is at times linked to car accidents. Trying to overcome and eliminate pain becomes a struggle that some Georgia car accident victims can never win. They may battle this pain for the remainder of their lives and sadly this occurs more often than many recognize.

The Link Between Chronic Pain and Car Accidents

Researchers are still uncovering the causes of chronic pain and much research is going towards uncovering the link between traumatic events and chronic pain. A study detailed in HealthDay News by the University Of Aberdeen School Of Medicine and Dentistry in Scotland has discovered that people are far more likely to develop chronic pain after suffering injuries in a traffic accident than any other traumatic event.

The study examined over 2,000 people with musculoskeletal pain and associated distress occurring at least three times over a four year period. These individuals were surveyed and asked whether they had recently experienced any of six traumatic events, including traffic accidents, workplace injuries, surgery, hospitalization or fracture. About one third of all patients with chronic pain had experienced a physically traumatic event. Those involved in a traffic accident had an 84 percent increased risk of developing chronic and widespread pain.

This study suggests what many car accident victims have unfortunately already discovered—being in a traffic accident can trigger years of chronic pain. Further research is necessary to uncover what unique aspects of a car accident and the victim's reaction to trauma increase the risk of widespread pain.

One potential link involves traumatic brain damage. It has been suggested that chronic pain is associated with traumatic brain injuries. Exposure to long term and chronic pain can actually lead to a re-wiring of the brain. This causes the brain to continue to emit pain signals to the body even after the physical injuries have long since healed.

Chronic Pain has Widespread Affects

Chronic pain can lead to depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and other psychological affects. This never ending pain can greatly impact your career and daily living. Disabling pain can create mountains of medical bills, require you to miss work and lead to financial issues. Any car accident victim who is in pain should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.  Any attorney can examine the facts and circumstances of what happened and take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

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