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Injuries to Look for After a Car Accident

October 15, 2015

If you have been injured in a car accident, you might have sustained any number of different injuries to virtually any part of your body. In the aftermath of the crash, your injuries may not be readily apparent. Often, adrenaline and stress can conceal pain or other symptoms. For some injuries, it simply takes some time for injuries to be revealed. The circumstances of your accident and severity of the impact will determine what injuries, if any, you sustain, but there are also some common injuries that are seen after car accidents. 

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries. Closed head injuries are some of the most common injuries that drivers and passengers can sustain in a crash. Even if there are no apparent outward signs of a head injury, such as cuts or bruises, the impact of the crash can lead to internal bruising of the brain. These injuries can be extremely serious and they are not always obvious. As such, it is important for anyone who potentially suffered a head injury to be evaluated as soon as possible.

Back Injuries

When a driver or passenger is involved in a car accident, the sudden back and forth motion experienced can lead to back injuries like sprains, strains and fractures. It will often take some time for someone to recognize the symptoms of a back injury. As soon as pain or discomfort is noticed, the accident victim should seek medical attention.

Neck Injuries

A cervical sprain is among the most common of car accident injuries and, like back injuries, it is caused by the sudden jerking motion that car accident victims endure during the crash. The neck is a particularly vulnerable part of the body and the sudden back and forth movement can cause strains, or even more serious injuries, such as herniated discs or even spinal fractures. Victims suffering from neck injuries might experience a diminished range of motion or difficulty performing work and everyday tasks. Consult with a doctor early on for treatment of this ailment.

Psychological Injuries

Along with physical injuries, car accident victims may suffer psychological injuries as a result of the crash. These injuries will rarely present themselves right away. Common psychological injuries include severe anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and depression. 

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