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Safety Tips for Driving Through Highway Work Zones

September 27, 2015

On any given day in Georgia, you could drive through a road construction project. Georgia is a growing state with many road expansion and resurfacing projects. Road construction is often necessary to expand roads and keep highways in pristine condition. However, work zones can pose a threat to Georgia drivers and the possibility of accidents and injuries increase in these areas.

Highway work zones are hazardous for motorists due to sudden lane changes, weaving cones or barrels and complex signs. These work zones are also dangerous to the employees who are building, maintaining and repairing our roadways. According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, there are over 87,000 crashes in work zones annually. The majority of these crashes result in property damage, but many will also cause injuries and fatalities. Accidents usually occur during workday hours and include rear end accidents, sideswipes, collisions with fixed objects and more.

Follow these basic safety tips, among others, in an effort to ensure both your safety as well as those around you while traveling through a work zone:

  1. Slow down: The most important thing drivers can do is slow down when they see signs for a construction zone. Far too many drivers will fail to reduce their speed when approaching work zones which places themselves, other drivers and roadway workers at risk. Speeding in a work zone is dangerous and could also cost you financially. Drivers can be ticketed with hefty fines for exceeding speed limits in these areas.
  2. Put away all distractions: Work zones require that you pay full attention in order to safety navigate the road. Put away your cell phone and any other distractions while traveling through work zones and concentrate fully on the road ahead.
  3. Never tailgate: Work zones will often require drivers to suddenly slow down. Rear end accidents are some of the most common accidents in work zones and they often occur when drivers fail to leave sufficient room between themselves and the drivers ahead.
  4. Turn your lights on: It is helpful for drivers, even during daylight hours, to (within reason) turn their lights on when traveling through a work zone in order to make themselves more visible to workers and other drivers.
  5. Anticipate slow downs, lane changes and more: When you see a highway work zone approaching, expect the unexpected. Work zones will often require lane changes, merges and slow downs. Enter into work zones in an alert frame of mind and be ready to safely adapt to whatever driving conditions occur.

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