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Electric Car Program Launches in Atlanta

September 23, 2015

Recently, the City of Atlanta announced that the city would deploy a large fleet of electric vehicles by the end of 2015. The initiative is backed in part by Mayor Kasim Reed, who plans to make Atlanta a leader in sustainability and reduce the city's reliance on fossil fuels, which could save taxpayers thousands of dollars each year.

In order to charge this fleet of electric vehicles, the city has opened a vehicle charging station near Atlanta City Hall which is open to the public. By replacing city vehicles with electric cars, the city of Atlanta has demonstrated its deep commitment to making the city a healthier one. The program should have a considerable positive effect on vehicle emissions.

Are Electric Cars Safer in the Event of an Accident?

While the importance of protecting our environment by reducing fossil fuels is well recognized, it is also vital that policy makers and potential car purchasers consider the safety effects of such vehicles. Are electric cars safer in the event of an accident than traditional vehicles? The verdict is still out.

Car accidents kill tens of thousands of people each year. They are dangerous machines due to their size, weight and speed, but also their gas tank. Traditional vehicles contain a tank full of gasoline that can easily catch fire and explode in the event of an accident. Electric vehicles are considered by many to be distinctly safer than traditional vehicles because they do not carry gasoline. However, electric cars do possess lithium-ion, or li-ion batteries, which can be equally as flammable as gasoline. 

Automakers have taken several steps to ensure the safety of the batteries that run their vehicles. Tesla and other car makers have installed numerous safety devices such as circuit breakers and fuses that disconnect the battery when collision detectors foresee that an accident is about to occur. Automakers have also installed a several devices to keep the batteries cool, which decrease the chances of an explosion. Batteries are also commonly divided from each other with steel cages to increase safety. These factors combined have led many safety experts to predict electric cars will be involved in fewer fires and explosions.  Further the predict electric vehicles offer a safer alternative to traditional fuel filled vehicles. With the increasing number of electric cars on the roadways, data will soon be available to fully test this theory.

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