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Atlanta Police Puzzled Over Fatal Crash

September 20, 2015

A fatal accident that occurred on July 28 has left police puzzled, according to a local news report. The Atlanta Police Department is asking the public to come forward with information about the accident that occurred at the intersection of Emma Lena Way and Loop 59. Officers report that the morning crash resulted in one fatality and an injury. The car accident involved two vehicles, a Toyota Rav4 driven by a 25 year old and a Honda driven by a 76 year old. Police have not been able to determine which way the Honda was traveling. The 76 year old driver was flown by helicopter to a trauma hospital, but was tragically pronounced dead about two hours after the accident. The 25 year old driver is currently still hospitalized. Police hope that an eyewitness will step forward or other information will come to light to explain how this fatal accident occurred.

Automobile Accident Investigations

After an auto accident occurs, particularly one resulting in serious injuries or death, it will likely be investigated and, at times, reconstructed. Normally such accidents will usually be investigated by police officers and independent investigators retained by the accident victim to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death case. Investigators will look for potential criminal violations by the drivers involved, including speeding, alcohol use, drug use and more. However, independent investigators will generally analyze the accident with the goal of determining liability or financial responsibility.

Investigations typically begin at the scene of the accident. Early investigations include measuring and documenting skid marks, the point of impact, final resting position, scrub marks and more. With these measurements, computer equipment can produce a diagram of the accident and potentially reconstruct it.

Vehicle inspections form another central line of investigations. Inspectors will look to the damage on the vehicle to assess the cause of the accident. Mechanical components will also be investigated, including the brakes, steering, tires, lights and others.

Witness statements are particularly important in confusing scenarios, as they can shed light on how the accident occurred and whether negligence played a role. Accident victims sometimes have the wherewithal to obtain witness names and numbers, but police and independent investigators can also assist in gathering witness information after the crash.

With all relevant information uncovered, investigators can reconstruct the accident to determine the speeds of the vehicles at the time of the crash, their relevant positions, and more. From there, investigators can make an accurate determination as to the cause of the accident and whether negligence played a role in the crash. Investigations are vitally important to your accident and the sooner your attorney can assist you in performing investigations, the better your odds of successfully pursuing a strong case.

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