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Summer is a Dangerous Season for Car Accidents

September 11, 2015

Many people do not realize that summertime is one of the deadliest seasons for automobile accidents. Summertime offers ideal driving conditions and weather, with excellent visibility, long daylight hours, and generally dry roads. So, how can this season be among the most dangerous? The answer lies largely in the number of drivers on the roadways and the increased incidence of drinking and driving. During the summer time, there is a high volume of holiday travelers. Families take advantage of children being off from school and hit the roadways to travel to new destinations. They also spend more hours driving around in their city and experiencing the sights. If one combines the increase in travel with a high number of alcohol impaired drivers, it becomes clear why summertime can present such hazards for drivers.

Summertime is a Deadly Time for Teens

With school out for several months and the weather beautiful, many teens who have just recently obtained their driver's license will take to the roadways. Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July are all summer holidays that spell disaster for teens, who tend to drink and drive at higher rates.

Teens are already at an increased risk of being involved in accidents because they have significantly less experience behind the wheel, which can cause them to react improperly in the face of danger. During summer, teens have plenty of free time, often resulting in road trips or other activities that involve driving. Teens are more likely to text while driving, engage in other distracting behaviors and have higher rates of alcohol usage.

Impaired Driving Increases During Summertime

Adults and teens alike will often consume more alcohol in the summer months. Teens are out of school and hanging out with friends. Adults are vacationing or simply enjoying the warm weather. When impaired drivers get behind the wheel, summer accidents occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 30 people a day are killed in alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. This equates to a death every 51 minutes.

Stay Safe this Summer

Now that you understand the risks of summer driving, you can help keep yourself and your family safe by observing a few vital safety rules. Never drink and drive and always be on the lookout for drivers behaving in an erratic or unsafe manner. Keep a close eye on your teenager and stress to him or her the importance of safe driving and never drinking before driving. Stay off the roadways during holidays known to involve high accident rates and as always, practice defensive driving when traveling.

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