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Preparing Your Atlanta Teenager for Driving with Driver’s Ed

September 09, 2015

Teenagers represent the most at-risk age group for auto accidents. If your teen is approaching driving age, it can be helpful to enroll him or her in a driver's education course. While teens may not be enthusiastic about adding another course to their schedule, taking driver's education is required, dependent upon the age of your teen, and recommended for all new drivers.

Georgia law requires that all 16 year olds applying for a Class D Georgia Driver's License successfully complete a driver education course that has been approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Teens must also complete at least 40 hours of supervised driving, with at least six hours at night. If your teen is 17 or older, he or she is not required to show proof of completion of a driver's education course. However, it is still necessary to complete 40 hours of supervised driving with the six nighttime hours.

Regardless of whether your teen is legally required to complete a driver's education program, it is strongly recommended that he or she do so. Teen drivers are considered at-risk on the roadways due to their inexperience and certain aspects of teens' development at their stage of life. Driver's education programs offer instruction as to important safety aspects and behind the wheel training, from which teens can greatly benefit.

Driver's education programs are developed by those with in-depth experience in traffic laws and safety, as well as communicating with teenagers. Driving schools will explain good driving etiquette, provide experienced instruction, and reinforce important safety aspects, such as not driving distracted.

Your teen's Georgia driving instruction course will be tailored to the state as well. It will explain some important factors to driving in the state, including city traffic, freeway driving, navigating inclement weather and much more.

The importance of a good driver's education course is tantamount. Check reviews online and select the best school in your area. Enrolling your teen in the course is not an excuse for not practicing with them, however. Your teen will need 40 hours of supervised driving and much of this will come from you. Your instruction and safe driving behavior modeling is imperative to the formation of your teenager's driving habits. Starting teens off on the right foot can ensure decades of safe driving and less of a likelihood of automobile accidents.

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