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Check Your Tire Treads: The Dangers of Tire Tread Issues

September 07, 2015

Careful drivers will often be on the lookout for hazards and emergency situations, such as potholes, ice, water or other obstacles on the roadway. They will likely observe all safety rules, ensuring they follow at a safe distance, stop at all stop signs or lights, and keep a close eye out for reckless drivers. Even the safest of drivers, however, can overlook one common cause of car accidents—worn or otherwise unsafe tread on their tires.

Worn Tires and Bad Treads Can Lead to Accidents and Injuries

Your tires will become susceptible to developing a variety of dangerous conditions as they age. The most common hazard is worn tires with flat treads. Worn treads allow tires to lose their traction, thus reducing a vehicle's ability to stop or turn quickly, causing loss of control accidents and hydroplaning.

Older tires are also susceptible to blow outs. Tire blowouts can happen at any time, including when vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Blowouts can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, causing serious accidents. Additionally, blown out tires create road debris that can lead to additional accidents for drivers traveling behind.

Worn Treads are Not the Only Tread Issue to Watch Out For

While many drivers are aware that they should check the tread on their tires to ensure it is not too worn, most do not realize that even tires with tread on them can be dangerous due to age or poor maintenance. Tires are made from rubber and as they age, the rubber is prone to developing cracks that can lead to separation of the tire from the tread belt. This condition is extremely hazardous because it is not often apparent to the lay observer. The tread can look new, but the tire may be harboring a serious defect. Cracked tires can also cause blow outs and loss of control accidents.

Causes of Tread Dangers:

The following conditions can lead to dangerous tread on your tire:

• Age: As tires age, they will degrade and pose a threat to the driver's safety.
• Weather: Hot weather will wear a tire out faster, so owners in warmer climates should pay attention to their tread.
• Maintenance: Having your tires rotated regularly and properly inflated will prolong their life and increase safety.
• Defects: Tires will sometimes separate due to defects with the design or factory defects. Regularly check recall lists to ensure your tires are not listed on them.

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