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Google’s Self-Driving Car Involved in First Accident to Result in Injuries

August 30, 2015

Google has been testing self-driving cars for quite some time now and has done so with minimal accidents. Recently, a Google self-driving car experienced its first accident where passengers were injured. According to NBC News, in Mountain View, California, a Google self-driving car was rear-ended when a driver failed to brake before striking the back of the Google car. All people involved in the accident suffered whiplash, but no other serious injuries. While the injuries suffered were rather minor, the potential still exists for serious injury or death to result from an accident, even if it does involve a self-driving car that is supposed to be safer than a car driven by a human.

How Safe are Self-Driving Cars?

A vehicle that can operate on its own is surely appealing, as a self-driving car is designed to avoid human error, and therefore reduce the amount of accidents that occur. However, self-driving cars are still in the testing phase and there is much we do not yet know about their safety. These self-driving cars may be safer is some respects, but not as safe in others. Also, even if a self-driving car can help to eliminate some human error, a self-driving car cannot necessarily prevent another vehicle from crashing into it. As such, unless all vehicles on the roadways are self-driving, there is still a chance that a self-driving vehicle will be involved in an accident that could result in serious injuries or death.

A Step in the Right Direction

While it may be too early to determine how safe self-driving cars will be on the roadway, this innovation is certainly a step in the right direction to help eliminate those daily distractions that are often the cause of unnecessary accidents that have devastating consequences. It may very well turn out that there will be many self-driving cars on the roadway in the near future, but until we know more about how successful self-driving cars will be, we are all at risk for being involved in an accident on any given day or time, whether or not a self-driving car is involved.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

No matter how an accident occurs, and what type of vehicles are involved, the severity of injuries can be the same. Suffering injuries can be life-altering, making your future uncertain. An attorney can help you better understand your situation so that you know what steps you need to take to move forward and overcome what has happened to you. One phone call with an attorney can provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision and determine if certain legal options are right for your situation.

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