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Deadly Accident Likely Caused by Fog – The Dangers of Weather-Related Auto Accidents

September 02, 2015

Georgia, as well as the Southeast, experiences a vast array of weather conditions ranging from, among others, heavy rains, sleet and/or heavy snow, thunderstorms, tornados, and fog. Such conditions have the potential to play a role in any auto accident that can occur. Fog tends to be one weather condition that affects most drivers, as visibility can be severely hampered in very thick fog, with drivers barely able to see five to ten feet in front of their vehicles. Earlier this year, a Nicholasville, Kentucky police officer tragically lost his life in a three-vehicle accident, and a formal investigation concluded that fog and low light played a key role in causing the accident, according to a local news report.

As the Nicholasville officer was traveling south on a Kentucky highway, a woman was attempting to turn left to enter the highway, and pulled out in front of the officer. The officer's vehicle then crossed the median and was struck by a northbound vehicle. The impact of the accident ultimately led to the loss of the officer's life. The untimely death of this officer demonstrates that a variety of very different factors can play a role in how an automobile accident occurs. While it is certainly possible that driver conduct also played a role, it is more likely that fog and low visibility was the primary cause of the accident, as the investigation revealed.

Have You Been Involved in a Weather-Related Auto Accident?

Every automobile accident is tragic, especially when someone loses his or her life, leaving loved ones to grieve. Weather-related accidents can be a little bit more difficult to deal with when it may seem like there is nobody to blame but mother-nature. However, every accident has its own story, and while weather may be a key component to how an accident occurred, it takes a thorough evaluation of the facts to ensure nothing has been missed.

For example, if you were injured in an automobile accident where there was heavy fog, and another driver pulled out in front of you, it will be important to determine if fog was the only reason why that driver pulled out in front of you. Additional questions must be asked, such as whether the driver was speeding, had his or her lights on, failed to stop at a red light or stop sign, was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or was simply not paying attention, among other things.

To begin answering these questions, injured individuals should have the facts and circumstances of the situation evaluated by an attorney, who can determine the necessary actions to take to obtain compensation. The aftermath of any automobile accident can be life-changing, especially when you have medical expenses that continue to grow, and debilitating injuries that leave you in pain, both physically and emotionally. If another person is responsible for causing the accident that resulted in your injuries or the loss of a loved one, speaking with an attorney can help you better understand your situation and determine what legal options you may have for moving forward.

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