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Woman Killed in Single-Car Accident After Losing Control of Her Car

August 29, 2015

Many car accidents that occur on a daily basis involve two or more vehicles, and typically involve conduct, such as, among others, inattentive driving, traffic violations and driving under the influence. Whatever the reason may be for why an accident occurred, it can be challenging to overcome the aftermath in the form of lifelong injuries, or even death. When an automobile accident involves just one vehicle, it may seem as though the accident would be easier to investigate, which is not always the case. Sometimes, single-car accidents can be more difficult than others to evaluate as well as to determine what truly caused the accident to occur.

A Louisiana woman recently lost her life when she lost control of her vehicle as she navigated a curve on a highway, according to a local news report. The woman was not wearing her seatbelt, and was partially ejected from her car. This accident is certainly tragic, and loved ones are left with many unanswered questions. A variety of causes exist for why this accident occurred, and some include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Driver fatigue and/or falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Mechanical failure (such as failed brakes, or a punctured tire);
  • Inattentive driving; and
  • Excessive speeding and/or other traffic violations.

Facing the Aftermath of a Single-Car Accident

The consequences of a single-car accident like the one that recently occurred in Louisiana can be heartbreaking when it can seem as though there is nobody to blame for causing the accident. An assumption can be made that the driver must have caused the accident that resulted in his or her injuries or death, however, such an assumption might be entirely incorrect. As such, any loved ones of an accident victim should allow an attorney to review the facts of the accident to determine if there are legal options available. For example, if brake or tire failure played a role in causing a single-car accident, an attorney can investigate this further to determine if a claim can be made against the manufacturer of the malfunctioning parts of the vehicle.

If a single-car accident does not result in death, but does result in significant injuries, the injured individual may have to undergo medical treatment for years to come, which results in a massive amount of medical bills. Such a burden can take both a physical and mental toll on the injured individual, and if another party is responsible for causing the accident, whether that be the driver (if a passenger is injured), or the manufacturer of the car or a component of the car, among others, the injured victim should rightfully pursue legal options. In such cases, legal options should be discussed with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can evaluate the facts and circumstances of the case as well as take the necessary steps to obtain compensation.

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