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Young Child Loses Her Life After Head-On Collision with Ambulance on Highway

August 29, 2015

Most of us know when an ambulance is flying by us on a street or highway, signalling that there is an emergency and everyone essentially needs to get out of the way. When an automobile accident occurs, and those involved have suffered injuries, an ambulance usually rushes to the scene to provide immediate medical attention and transport the injured individuals to the nearest hospital.  However, it is not every day that an automobile accident actually involves an ambulance. Such an accident has the potential to be devastating, especially if an ambulance is racing to a hospital and driving well above the speed limit.

A recent auto accident resulted in the death of a young girl, as the vehicle the girl was traveling in collided head-on with an ambulance, according to a local news report. As the car was traveling northbound, it crossed the median of the highway and struck an ambulance that was traveling in the opposite direction. At the time of the accident, the ambulance was not transporting anyone to a hospital. The accident is under investigation, but charges are pending against the driver of the vehicle that crossed the median on the highway.

Why Injured Passengers Should Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney

The young girl who lost her life in this accident no longer has the ability to speak for herself, and even if she was alive, she is likely too young to truly explain what happened. In cases where a passenger survives such a horrific accident, especially one that involves a collision with a large vehicle such as an ambulance (that could be traveling at a high rate of speed), that passenger should choose to discuss the accident with an attorney. If it turns out the driver of the vehicle the passenger is in is responsible for causing the accident, that driver should be held accountable for the resulting injuries that can be debilitating and permanent in nature.

By speaking with an attorney, passengers and other accident victims can obtain assistance as to their situation by determining if, and what kind, of legal options are available. While this particular accident was likely not caused by the conduct of the ambulance's driver, many times fault might not be discovered without a thorough evaluation of the accident. Further, an attorney candetermine whether or not the driver of the vehicle the passenger was in was committing any acts that contributed to the accident, including, but not limited to, inattentive driving, traffic violations or driving under the influence. Speaking with an attorney is a step in the right direction to begin to overcome a tragic accident that could have been preventable.

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