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Unsecure Load of Hay Bales Fall from Truck, Resulting in Fatal Accident

August 26, 2015

Trucking accidents have the potential to become deadly mainly because trucks are so large that any impact can seriously harm or kill any person involved. What we sometimes forget is that the load that cargo trucks are carrying can also be a factor in the severity of an accident. For example, trucks that carry gasoline or some other kind of flammable substance can play a significant role in how dangerous a trucking accident can be, causing damage, injuries and possibly death. It is commonly known that flammable cargo can make a trucking accident more dangerous, but many people may not consider cargo like hay bales to be particularly dangerous. This assumption was recently proven wrong in a tragic Minnesota accident.

Earlier this year, a Minnesota husband and wife were killed when an unsecured hay bale fell from a passing semi-truck, striking the couple's pickup truck, according to the Star Tribune. As the pickup truck was struck by one hay bale, the driver lost control and drove into a ditch where the vehicle caught fire. It might be surprising to some that a hay bale in and of itself could be that deadly, but given that hay bales can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or more, the impact was intense enough to lead to the tragic loss of two lives. Further, the fact that the pickup truck caught fire demonstrates that an accident involving any cargo, flammable or not, can be unpredictable.

Could This Accident Have Been Prevented?

There are laws in place that require trucks to have secure cargo for the precise reason that unsecure cargo can cause a dangerous if not fatal accident. No matter how dangerous particular cargo may seem, if it is unsecured, even slightly, other drivers and passengers on the roadway are at risk for being injured or killed. Minnesota authorities believe that had the hay bales been more secure, this accident likely would not have happened. When accidents are truly preventable, anyone injured or the loved ones of someone tragically killed should be entitled to recover for the suffering caused by the person or party at fault.

Whether a truck driver intends to operate a semi-truck with or without a secure load is not relevant, especially if it can be proven that cargo was simply not properly secured. And, if it can be shown that unsecure cargo led to an accident, that truck driver and/or the owner of the trucking company (i.e., the truck driver's employer) should be held responsible for any resulting harm, whether that be property damage, injury or death. Injured victims wishing to explore their options should consider speaking with an attorney about their situation.

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