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Seatbelt May Have Saved Young Man’s Life Following Serious Car Accident

August 25, 2015

An automobile accident can occur at any given moment. No matter how minor or serious an accident is, whether or not occupants of any vehicle involved in the accident were wearing seatbelts is always a key factor. Seatbelts have been proven to save lives, and while seat belts can actually work against people in rare circumstances, more often than not, a seatbelt can prevent a victim from losing his or her life, or suffering severe injuries.

For example, if an individual involved in an accident was not wearing a seatbelt, that person can be ejected from the vehicle, suffering broken bones, head trauma, or other debilitating injuries. If this same person was wearing a seatbelt, he or she may not have been ejected from the car, and thus would not suffer the exact same debilitating injuries. A recent accident in the state of Mississippi is a perfect example of how a teenager wearing his seatbelt survived a very serious accident. As the 18-year-old was crossing a highway, he was struck by a flatbed truck on the passenger side, resulting in serious, life-threatening injuries. The driver and a passenger of the flatbed truck suffered injuries as well.

When a person involved in an automobile accident is not wearing a seatbelt, he or she is at risk for suffering significant injuries, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Soft tissue injuries such as torn muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons;
  • Damage to internal organs;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Deep cuts or lacerations;
  • Concussions or other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Spinal cord damage;
  • Broken and/or fractured bones;
  • Partial or complete paralysis;
  • Being in a comatose or vegetative state;
  • Injuries requiring surgery; and
  • Death.

While teenager involved in the accident did suffer serious injuries that were not disclosed in the news story, we do know that he is alive, and that a seatbelt may have been the reason why. Regardless of what type of injuries someone sustained, and whether or not he or she was wearing a seatbelt, that person should discuss these injuries with an attorney who can thoroughly evaluate the situation and help the injured person to determine what potential legal options are available as well as take the necessary steps to protect the individual's rights.

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