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Google Self-Driving Car Involved in Accident with Injuries

August 18, 2015

For the first time in the several years that the vehicles have been tested, a Google self-driving car was involved in an accident that resulted in injuries. The injuries, fortunately, were minor and Google insists that the accident was the result of human error, not the self-driving car.

The incident has been described as follows by a Google employee: a self-driving Lexus was stopped at an intersection near one of the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California. The light was green, but due to traffic the Google car and the two in front of it could not make it through the intersection without blocking it. The driver of the fourth car did not notice the stopped traffic, just the green light, and rammed into the Google car, traveling at about 17 miles per hour. The driver of this fourth vehicle did not brake.

Google reports that this is not the first rear-end collision to involve a Google self-driving car. A total of 14 accidents have occurred, and in each one it was the driver of another vehicle that caused the accident. The occupants of both cars involved in this recent crash are thankfully not seriously injured and experienced only minor whiplash.

Eliminating the Element of Human Error

Most automobile accidents are the result of human error. Whether it be inattention, overcorrecting, failing to obey traffic signals, speeding, drinking, or the like, humans often engage in dangerous behaviors while driving that result in accidents. The majority of accidents will inflict property damage but some will  also cause serious injuries and even death.

Self-driving cars eliminate the element of human error, which is eliminating the primary cause of accidents. It is expected that the widespread introduction of self-driving vehicles could considerably lower accident rates. These vehicles will likely not make mistakes such as not paying attention or speeding. Further, they will remove the possibility of intoxication while driving. With well tested and advanced technology, self-driving cars present a promising future for the automobile industry and consumers as a whole.

It is unlikely accidents will be eliminated altogether, however. As we rely more and more on technology to guide us on the roadways, errors will likely occur and defects with the product will lead to accidents. Product defect cases may also rise along with the popularity of the self-driving car. Further, the field of automobile accident law may also evolve along with this change.

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