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New Crash Avoidance Technologies Aim to Save Lives

August 12, 2015

While self-driving vehicles appear to be the way of the future, there are several cutting edge crash avoidance technologies now commercially available that aim to protect human drivers. These technologies alert us to dangers, provide additional information and at times even take control of the wheel all in an effort to prevent accidents and save lives. The following, among others, is a look at some of the latest crash avoidance technology:

  1. Front Crash Prevention: Car manufacturers have developed technologies that will "see" the road ahead and assist drivers in making faster decisions in order to avoid accidents. Sensors, cameras, night vision and radars can be fitted to modern cars to assist you and your vehicle in seeing the road ahead. They can also be coupled with an automatic reaction system, so that if you do not react quick enough to avoid an accident, the car will take over and brake or otherwise take action to avoid a crash.
  2. Adaptive Headlights: These headlights adjust to conditions by pivoting left and right as the wheel turns, thus illuminating the road as you navigate curves as well as providing far better radiance at night.
  3. Head-up Display: Also known as HUD, this technology is a transparent display that presents data without requiring the driver to look away from visual view points. Originally developed for military aviation, this technology is gaining ground in cars and commercial aircrafts.
  4. Lane Departure Warning: The latest in camera and sensor technology can detect what lane your vehicle is in and alert you if you start to drift across lanes. Some cars will offer a visual or auditory warning, while others will actually tighten the steering wheel or automatically drive you back into the lane.
  5. Blind Spot Detection: Even the best of drivers can be involved in an accident when a vehicle is unexpectedly in their blind spot. To prevent blind spot accidents, new technology exists to watch your blind spot for you. Vehicles equipped with this technology have lights and sensors that will lighten when a car is in your blind spot. Some cars will take it a step further and prevent you from changing lanes if you signal while a vehicle is in your blind spot.
  6. Parking Assist: This technology has become extremely popular in newer vehicles. It features rearview cameras and sensors to provide you with a clear view of what is behind. Monitors will also alert you if a car is in your path while parallel parking. Some vehicles can even parallel park themselves, preventing common parking accidents.

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