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Single-Car Accident Involving Tree Leaves One Dead and Two Injured

July 05, 2015

A vast number of Georgia automobile accidents involve more than one vehicle. Whether an accident involves a fender bender, a collision at an intersection, or otherwise, it can usually be determined that one driver or another is responsible for causing the accident. However, there are situations where an automobile accident involves only one vehicle, and sometimes the resulting injuries are much more severe than they are when more than one vehicle is involved.

For example, one individual was tragically killed, and two other individuals injured following a one-vehicle accident that occurred when a tree fell from a bluff and landed directly on the pickup truck they were traveling in on a Minnesota highway, according to the Post-Bulletin. This type of rare accident is not one that can necessarily be prevented, as a tree may fall at any given time. When accidents like this happen, it is usually difficult to determine who is to blame as you cannot normally assign fault to a driver for a tree falling over.

There are certain situations where a property owner may be held responsible for any injuries and/or property damage that occurs. However, a variety of questions must be answered to determine if a property owner is at fault, and such questions include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Who owns the property where the tree was located?
• Could the property owner have done anything to prevent the tree from falling (i.e., if the tree was in bad condition, the property owner may have been able to trim or cut down the tree)?
• Did weather play a role in causing the tree to fall?
• Could the driver have done anything to avoid the accident?

These questions are just a few that may be asked by an attorney when evaluating the facts and circumstances of a case. While not every single-car accident will result in a successful personal injury claim, injured individuals may be able to receive some type of compensation by filing a claim under their insurance policy but it is important to keep in mind that certain results cannot be guaranteed as all accidents have their own set of facts.

Why it is Important to Speak with a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

Many automobile accidents will raise many questions that cannot be answered overnight. The single-car accident in Minnesota may seem like a simple open and shut case where a tree just happened to fall when a vehicle was in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, assumptions like this do not always turn out to be true, so further investigation of an accident is needed to determine who (if anyone) is responsible for causing the accident. A personal injury attorney can help to answer those questions you have as well as help you formulate the best plan possible for moving forward, whether that means filing an insurance claim or otherwise.

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