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Woman Dies in Paulding County Accident – Was Drowsy Driving to Blame?

July 05, 2015

The string of tragic accidents continues to rise in Georgia, as a young preschool teacher tragically lost her life following an accident that occurred on Georgia highway 61, according the the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Investigators believe that the young woman ran off the road and struck an oncoming vehicle after overcorrecting. The reason why the woman ran off the road to begin with is not known, but given that the accident occurred in the morning, the woman may have been on her way to work but not fully awake yet.

Thousands of people travel to work in the morning, and oftentimes still feel fatigued. While there could be a number of very different reasons for why the young woman ran off the road and overcorrected her vehicle, drowsy driving is a possibility that should be discussed because such driving has proven to be a cause of tragic accidents in the past. We are used to seeing trucking accidents that involve drivers who have been fatigued or fallen asleep at the wheel, but the problem is also very real when it comes to any other driver.

The Effects of Drowsy Driving are Much Like the Effects of Drunk Driving

Most of us can agree that we have driven while being tired, but some people go beyond simply being tired, and drive to the point that they fall asleep at the wheel. The effects of drowsiness include one's inability to see clearly, react quickly, and/or misjudge the roadway, among others. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is the cause of more than 70,000 accidents each year. This large number surprises many people because drowsy driving in the context of any ordinary vehicle does not seem to be in the news as much as trucking accidents involving drowsy driving, or accidents involving drunk driving.

Given that so many accidents occur each year that involve sleep-deprived drivers, one can only imagine how extensive some of the injuries may have been as a result of such accidents. Many of the victims may still be living a difficult life with daily rehabilitation, life-long medical care, and the inability to work, among other things. Anyone injured in an accident caused by a drowsy driver may have the ability to recover for his or her suffering, as drowsy driving may be considered negligent conduct depending on the particular facts of each case.

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