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Georgia Automobile Accident Attorneys Discuss Rollover Accidents

July 16, 2015

Recently, a Cartersville rollover crash sent four people to the hospital, according to Cartersville Patch. The accident happened on southbound Interstate 75 when the driver of a Ford Ranger looked down at his phone. He drifted into the emergency lane and hit the median. The driver then attempted to maneuver back to the road but lost control on the loose gravel. Suddenly, the vehicle started to flip, rolling over several times before coming to a rest on the shoulder of the interstate. The driver and three passengers, two women and another man, were all transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries. Currently, the accident remains under investigation.

A rollover crash is far more likely to result in fatalities than a non-rollover accident. Those who survive a rollover crash may suffer serious and long term injuries, including, but not limited to, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, back problems, and much more. Rollover accidents may involve more than one driver, with one driver being the party responsible for the accident. Other rollover accidents are single vehicle accidents, but even in these scenarios third parties may be at fault for the accidents. Faulty vehicle designs and defective roadways are also all common factors in rollover crashes.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

There are numerous causes of rollover accidents and these accidents can involve one vehicle or many. Tripping is one of the main causes of any rollover crash. Tripping occurs when a vehicle strikes an object, which can include a median, guardrail, shoulder, tree, or even another vehicle. This causes the vehicle to either pitch sideways or forwards into a roll. Tripping can have devastating results, sending vehicles through often multiple rolls before often coming to a rest after hitting another object.

Some frequent contributing factors to rollover accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles with a high center of gravity: Trucks, SUVs and minivans have a higher center of gravity than cars which makes them more prone to rollover crashes. Certain vehicles have become notorious for rollover accident, prompting lawsuits against car makers.
  • Speeding: Speed is a common cause of rollover crashes as drivers traveling at high rates of speed are often unable to stop in time to avoid hitting an obstacle, leading to tripping.
  • Distracted driving: As in the recent Cartersville crash, distracted driving pulls a driver's attention from the road, presenting the possibility of drifting into the median or other obstacles and hence triggering a rollover.
  • Hazardous roadways: Uneven pavement, poor road maintenance, and a lack of warning signs can trigger a trip and a rollover accident.

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