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How Health Problems Can Turn Deadly on Georgia Roadways

June 19, 2015

Many people with treatable health conditions are able to operate a car without any trouble. While anyone can suffer a health problem at any given moment, most people are able to take their medication and continue on with their lives. However, there are times when a driver may suffer a health problem while driving – a problem that may be unexpected. Recently, a Chicago man died after suffering a heart attack and crashing his car into a concrete structure, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The man sadly died of natural causes stemming from the heart attack itself, but the situation could have been much worse had the accident involved another vehicle.

What's at Risk?

Sudden health issues that occur while someone is driving present multiple risks that relate not only to the individual's own health, but also to any passengers that may be in the vehicle as well as other vehicles on the roadway. For example, if the man discussed above had passengers, the impact of the crash could have seriously injured or killed them. Additionally, if the man experienced the heart attack while on the highway, others sharing the road may have been seriously injured or killed in an accident. As a driver, there's no way to tell when another motorist on the road way is about to have a heart attack, suffer a seizure, or experience some other health problem. 

Who's at Fault?

Anytime someone suffers a serious health problem, such as a heart attack, the last thing anyone wants to do is to place blame on this individual for causing an accident. But, if an accident would not have resulted but for a person's health condition, it is understandable that anyone injured in that accident would want to determine who is responsible. Despite the fact that an accident like this is certainly not intentional (as nobody intends to suffer a heart attack or other health condition while driving), that person still can be held responsible for causing injuries suffered by others, especially if the at-fault person knew of the health problem and its risk while driving. 

Because there are so many unanswered questions when it comes to any automobile accident (let alone one that involves a serious health condition), it is a good idea to consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney who can evaluate your situation and provide you guidance for moving forward.

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