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GM Ignition Defects Continue to Take Innocent Lives as the Death Toll Rises

June 21, 2015

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers discuss that GM continues to be under fire for the serious injuries and deaths associated with the ignition defect that effectively shuts the engine and power steering off. A recent press release indicates that a total of 111 deaths have been linked to the GM ignition defects, which is a substantial number of innocent people, according to Automotive News. Unfortunately, it is unknown if this death toll will continue to rise, as millions of people across the United States own vehicles manufactured by GM. Even with a recall, there is no way to fully prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring. Further, the GM ignition defects affect not only the driver and any passengers of the car with the defect, but may also affect others on the roadways.

If you were driving on the highway and a vehicle behind you shut off suddenly due to the ignition defect, and that driver was not able to control his or her car, you could be the one to suffer the aftermath along with that driver. If that driver is unable to steer the vehicle, and cannot avoid striking you, both you and anyone in your car are at risk for suffering serious injuries or death. It is unfortunate that an ignition defect like this can cause harm not only to the driver whose car suddenly loses power, but also to other innocent individuals.

Any accident that involves a potential GM ignition defect is one that should be evaluated by an attorney, who can preserve evidence and advise the injured person what actions must be taken for the victim to protect his or her rights. Although most vehicles manufactured by GM are safe and without defects, as long as there are vehicles manufactured by GM on the roadways, ignition defects are going to continue to surface from time to time. Such accidents can be difficult to review simply because a GM ignition defect may be only one variable out of many. While a GM ignition defect may have started the events that led to an accident, an attorney will need to review other aspects of the accident, such as, among other factors, whether the driver was otherwise obeying traffic laws. Automobile accident cases can become complicated very quickly, but when an accident involves a possible product defect, the situation may require a much more extensive evaluation.

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