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Woman Sends Harrowing Text Before Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

June 05, 2015

According to Fox News, moments before she ran a red light and plowed into a pickup truck, a Florida woman texted her ex-boyfriend the following foreshadowing text, "Driving drunk woo...I'll be dead thanks to you." Although the woman managed to survive the August 2013 horrifying crash, she injured the driver of the other vehicle and has been charged with DUI manslaughter for causing the death of her friend and passenger.  

As reported by Fox News, the driver was out on the town in Miami on the night of the accident. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was attempting to deal with the emotional toll the breakup had taken on her. Over the course of the night, she sent about 60 texts to the ex-boyfriend, some of which seemed chilling in light of what transpired. She wrote, "I'm done you ruined'll be the death of me."

After drinking heavily, the 24 year old woman drove a rented Smart Car through a red light, crashing into a passing pickup truck at about 4:44 a.m. Her passenger was killed instantly. The 51 year old driver of the truck was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, he recovered from the accident, but it could have been far more serious if the drunk driver was traveling in a larger vehicle.

The driver sustained only minor bruises in the crash. An alcohol screening test, following the collision, revealed a blood alcohol level of more than double the legal limit. The family of the deceased victim has filed a civil suit against the drunk driver as well as the mobile rental company, Car2Go.

Drunk Driving Occurs at Alarming Rates

According to this report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash every 53 minutes, on average. This means that thousands of drivers and passengers across Georgia and the rest of the country are at risk the moment they take to the roadway.

Undoubtedly, being the victim of a drunk driving accident can alter your life in a flash. You are immediately confronted with issues such as who will pay for your medical expenses? What will happen if you cannot return to work? Who will pay for the damage to your vehicle or its replacement? 

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