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Passing on Two-Lane Highways in Georgia – Unsafe Driving Can Result in Serious Injuries

June 03, 2015

Both the state of Georgia as well as other states in the Southeast generally have numerous two-lane highways, and while some highways do allow for drivers to pass, others do not. It can be frustrating when there is a vehicle driving well under the speed limit that is holding not only you up, but also, numerous other drivers as well. While slow vehicles can certainly be a frustrating hindrance or even a hazard, such an inconvenience is much less harmful than an accident caused by a passing vehicle on a Georgia highway.

According the Georgia Department of Driver Services, in most circumstances, passing on a two-lane highway is prohibited. However, when passing is allowed, it is typically only allowed in small segments of a Georgia highway. Whether prohibited or not, passing on a two-lane highway in Georgia has the potential to result in a devastating accident. There are increased dangers associated with passing on a two-lane highway that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Failure to see an oncoming vehicle as you are passing a vehicle in front of you;
  • Miscalculating how much time you have to safely pass a vehicle;
  • Failure to turn on your signal when seeking to pass the vehicle(s) in front of you;
  • Changing lanes into the vehicle you are trying to pass; and
  • Overcorrecting your vehicle when trying to get back into the right-hand lane after passing, which can result in a swerve.

Injuries resulting from automobile accidents that involve passing on two-lane highways have the potential to be permanent and catastrophic. Not only are head-on collisions a real possibility on Georgia's two-lane highways, vehicles are also at risk of swerving off the road or even flipping over after trying to pass another vehicle. While passing can be done safely where allowed on Georgia highways, it is incredibly dangerous and prohibited in most circumstances to enter the oncoming lane in order to pass a vehicle ahead of you.

Were Your Injuries Caused by Unsafe Driving?

There will always be unsafe drivers that choose to pass on two-lane highways despite the double yellow line and traffic signs specifically prohibiting the act. If a driver has caused an accident by violating any traffic law, that driver can be held responsible for any injuries suffered as a result of the accident. Georgia law enforcement officials generally take traffic laws very seriously given that the injuries associated with automobile accidents on two-lane highways can be quite severe. When a driver chooses to pass on a two-lane highway in an unsafe manner, people's lives are unnecessarily put at risk.

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