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How Taking Care of Your Tires Can Help to Prevent Unnecessary Georgia Automobile Accidents

June 02, 2015

When thinking about automobile accidents in Georgia, we generally assume that the accident was likely caused by driver error, and that one particular driver may be at fault for causing injuries suffered by others involved in the accident. We often forget about how our cars may give out, and the cause of an accident may be due to worn out brakes, compromised steering, or due to a variety of tire issues. Given that Georgia has very warm, and sometimes quite humid weather during parts of the year, your tires pressure may change from day to day.

Common Causes of Tire-Related Accidents

Auto accidents in Georgia and in the Southeast may involve one or more driver's tires in situations including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Under-pressurized tires;
  • Over-pressurized tires;
  • Worn out tires and/or smooth spots;
  • Uneven tires that have not been rotated;
  • Tire misalignment; and
  • Tire separation and other defects.

It isn't always easy to tell if there is something wrong with your tires, as it often takes a professional to diagnose any tire-related issues. The tires may feel fine to you, when in actuality they are on the brink of a blowout. Tire-related accidents have the potential to result in serious permanent injuries or even death, and while not all tire-related accidents can be prevented, many of them can if small safety measures are taken.

What You Can Do to Help Prevent a Tire-Related Accident

Just like the engine and other internal components of your car, your tires must be monitored and receive regular maintenance to ensure they are safe for the roadways. Steps you can take to minimize the risk that your tires will give up on you include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Check your tire pressure (measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)) on a regular basis, as the pressure can fluctuate dramatically from one day to the next, and ensure the pressure fits within your car's recommended PSI range;
  • Have your tires checked at least yearly to determine if they need to be balanced, rotated, and/or realigned;
  • Check your tire wear each month, as the lower the amount of tread you have, the more worn your tires will be, and this can pose a safety risk to yourself and others;
  • Listen to your car – if you have any kind of warning that your tires are not functioning properly, you should get the tires checked right away, as ignoring the problem only makes things worse;
  • Always have a spare tire with you; and
  • Replace your tires in accordance with the tire manufacturer's protocol.

It is important to keep in mind that all vehicles are different, and all tires will react uniquely from one vehicle to the next. Further, your driving style or need to drive may also play a role in how quickly your tires get worn. If you routinely drive hundreds of miles per day, for example, your tires will wear out much more quickly than those of someone who drives five to ten miles per day. Regardless of how safe you believe your tires may be, routine maintenance and observation can make all the difference in the world, potentially preventing a tragic accident.

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