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Why it is Important to Seek Medical Care Following a Georgia Auto Accident

May 26, 2015

Many people choose to ignore injuries that may not seem too serious. For example, if you pulled a muscle in your back, you may decide to get through the pain without seeking medical treatment. While many injuries do heal themselves relatively quickly, there are some that seem minor; however, they have potential to cause long-term, if not permanent, damage. Injury causing auto accidents occur on a daily basis in the State of Georgia, ranging from minor to very severe. Accordingly, in situations where immediate injuries may not seem serious, many people tend to avoid seeking medical attention simply because they believe the symptoms will resolve on their own. As experienced Personal Injury Attorneys, we know that based upon experience, seeking medical attention, for the following reasons, is of critical importance and may even affect the outcome of your case:

Seeking Medical Care Following an Accident Helps to Prevent Further Injury

Adrenaline following an accident often masks symptoms associated with an injury, as the shock of an accident can have both mental and physical effects that make it difficult to pinpoint a particular injury. If you are involved in an accident, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have been evaluated for any potential injuries, regardless of whether or not you have symptoms. For example, it is not uncommon for an injured individual to feel completely fine despite the fact that he or she suffered a serious concussion or other type of head injury. A thorough medical evaluation can prevent an injury from getting worse, as prompt medical intervention is available and should be pursued. Undoubtedly, anyone suffering from a head injury warrants close monitoring that only a hospital or other medical facility can provide. If you suffered any type of head injury and returned straight home following an accident, you could be putting your life at risk, as head injuries have the potential to cause life-altering damage. Head injuries are just one example of why it is essential to be evaluated following any automobile accident.

Seeking Medical Care Establishes a Record

In addition to ensuring you have not been seriously harmed as a result of an automobile accident, it is highly recommended that you establish a record documenting any injuries you may have suffered. If you did in fact suffer injuries, your medical records will be used as evidence if you believe another person is at fault for causing the accident that resulted in the harm you sustained. A delay in treatment will be used by insurance companies to argue that the accident did not cause the injury- that there must have been another cause that happened after the accident. 

Along with seeking prompt medical attention following an accident, it is equally important to seek the advice of an attorney if you believe someone else is responsible for your damages.

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Not all auto accidents result in injuries however, for the reasons stated above, it is important to seek medical attention soon thereafter. People who do not seek medical attention may feel the pain later and not realize that there may be a correlation between the accident and the pain. If you have in fact suffered an injury following an auto accident, you should consider discussing the matter with a skilled and knowledgable Personal Injury Attorney.

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