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Personal Injury Attorneys Report That a Mother of Five Killed in in Road Rage Shooting

January 05, 2015

While most motor vehicle accidents are the result of negligent driving practices that include substance impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding or following too closely, some traffic fatalities are the result of intentional criminal conduct.

The recent fatal shooting of a mother of four in California serves as a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of road rage on victims and their families. The 30-year-old mom was sitting in the passenger seat on the way home from a grocery store when a gunman in an adjacent vehicle fired multiple shots.  The road rage victim suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head.  While the road rage incident is still under investigation, the victim’s husband told USA Today that the shooting was precipitated by the other driver’s irritation at the husband’s driving. 

Generally, road rage involves deliberate actions that cause auto and truck accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.  These incidents often are prompted by a driver’s frustration with traffic conditions or the specific driving practices of the victim.  Whatever the motivation, acts of road rage are unacceptable and extremely dangerous.  Road rage acts typically will constitute a crime when they cause injury, but criminal prosecution of the offending driver is not the process for compensating a victim.  A civil claim or lawsuit is the appropriate avenue for pursuing financial compensation for personal injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one arising from intentional conduct that includes:

  • Running a driver off the road
  • Firing into another vehicle
  • Purposely causing a crash
  • Ramming another vehicle
  • Throwing objects at a car

Many incidents of road rage escalate from aggressive driving or hostile verbal exchanges into dangerous conduct.  While it might be difficult to simply disregard or avoid someone manifesting aggressive driving practices, the risk of escalation makes it dangerous to engage drivers in such disputes.  Since you do not know the other driver, there is no way to predict how such an exchange might spin out of control.  Most traffic safety experts recommend taking a wide path to avoid aggressive drivers, which minimizes the risk of a road rage incident.

Because road rage involves intentional harmful conduct toward another, these types of cases often justify punitive damages.  Punitive damages differ from compensatory damages (which are designed to compensate you for actual losses  such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering) because their function is to discourage egregious conduct in the future and to punish the wrongdoer.  If you are the victim of road rage, you should seek immediate legal advice.  There are strict time limits that apply when pursuing a personal injury claim/lawsuit, and an investigation might need to be conducted promptly to prevent evidence or witnesses from disappearing.

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