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Recent Fatal Road Rage Incidents Dictate Caution When Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

May 07, 2014

Driver that are navigating the roadways of Douglas County or the other surrounding counties in the vicinity of Atlanta are well aware that traffic collisions occur frequently. Most motorists recognize that they need to be cautious and alert to avoid intoxicated, drowsy, distracted, speeding or other forms of careless driving. However, most vehicle occupant do not worry about the risk of being intentionally injured by other motorists. Unfortunately, road rage can lead to serious injury and fatalities when vehicle occupants cross paths with the wrong driver.

There have been several serious road rage incidents reported across the country by the national media in the first couple weeks of 2014. A funeral was just held for a 28-year-old man who called 911 to inform the police that he was being chased by a motorist who was shooting a firearm at his vehicle according to a USA Today report. The assailant who was reportedly motivated by road rage eventually forced the shooting victim onto the roadway median while continuing to fire into the trapped motorist's vehicle. The man did not survive his gunshot injuries.

When this type of random violence occurs, it is tempting to dismiss it as a bizarre anomaly, but Fox News has reported that authorities are investigating the possibility that this act of road rage could be connected to several other shootings. In one of these other incidents, an officer who exited his vehicle to clear debris from the roadway suffered fatal injuries when he was shot multiple times by a passing motorist.

Although many road rage incidents are initiated by an aggressive driver, aggressive driving and road rage differ significantly in terms of the intent of the driver. While aggressive motorists often engage in multiple forms of dangerous driving practices at the same time that can make the motorist behavior reckless, the objective of the unsafe driver is not to intentionally cause injury to others on the roadway. By contrast road rage involves a driver using his or her vehicle as a weapon or using some other form of weapon like a firearm with the intent to cause bodily injury or wrongful death to another vehicle occupant, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian.

Many road rage incidents start because of the reaction by a motorist to an aggressive driver. Generally, the best approach is to simply take a wide path around aggressive drivers because there is no way to know whether you are dealing with someone who might escalate the encounter into a violent assault. When drivers cause injuries by driving aggressively or through violent attacks, injury victims may have a legal right to compensation. These types of driving practices may even justify punitive damages to punish this type of highly unacceptable behavior.

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