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Tragic Cherokee County Car Accident Claims the Lives of Pregnant Mom and Her Baby

June 26, 2014

When motorists drink and drive or use their cell phone behind the wheel, they might only recognize the potential consequences in abstract impersonal terms. This is a far cry from the profound grief experienced by victims of drunk, distracted or otherwise unsafe drivers who lose a parent, child or spouse. A recent Georgia tragic accident that claimed the life of an expectant mother and her baby provide a grim reminder of the fundamental way that irresponsible drivers impact the lives of others.

A 26-year-old pregnant mom turned into the path of an oncoming truck according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report. The Cherokee County Sherriff's Office indicated that the expectant mom was alert and conscious at the scene of the accident, but her newborn baby did not survive an emergency Cesarean section at the hospital following the collision. The mother subsequently died from complications suffered during the procedure. The woman also had a three-year-old daughter who was secured in a child safety restraint system in the back seat of the vehicle who survived the crash.

The fatal Cherokee County car crash is still under investigation, but there are some painful lessons to take away from this terrible tragedy:

Negligent Driving Has a Profound Impact: The overwhelming statistics regarding the number of car accidents and traffic related fatalities each year can sometimes fail to communicate the profound way that negligent driving affects individual victims and families. While it is not yet clear whether the truck driver is at-fault for causing the collision, these types of accident are caused by unsafe drivers across Georgia on a daily basis. This tragic car accident will affect all of those involved and closely connected to the victims. A young mother's life was cut short while her baby's life ended before it had even began. The three-year-old who survived will grow up without her mom or sister. All of the friends, family and loved ones close to this young mother will experience the deep grief of losing someone they love.

Car Seats Make a Difference: While there is no such thing as good news coming out of tragedy of this nature, the life of the 3-year-old passenger might have been saved by her mother's diligence in securing her in a car seat. This accident serves as a reminder to parents that accidents can happen to anyone at any time so it is important to use an age appropriate car seat, booster seat and/or seat belt during every driving excursion.

Wrongful Death for Foreseeable Consequences: If the other driver's negligence caused the motor vehicle collision, he might be liable for wrongful death even though the mother died during complications of the Caesarian section. Motorists who speed, tailgate or otherwise drive unsafely can be found liable for the foreseeable consequences of their negligent conduct. Because it is reasonably foreseeable that a pregnant mother involved in a collision might suffer complications during emergency procedures following a car accident, the family of the expectant mother might have a viable claim for wrongful death against the truck driver if he or she was negligent.

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