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Amending Atlanta Accident Reports

May 24, 2014

While the law enforcement officers that respond to traffic accidents are knowledgeable and experienced when investigating crashes, they are human and certainly not infallible. Factual errors, inadvertent misquotes of witness assertions, invalid assumptions and faulty conclusions contained in Atlanta Accident Reports can range from minor inaccuracies to major blunders. While the police report might not be admissible, or at least not in in its entirety, this document will memorialize statements from the drivers, passengers in the vehicles and bystanders as well as physical evidence. While the police officer's determination of fault is not necessarilly determinative of civil liability for money damages, it can have an impact on the results and on the ease of proceeding with a claim. The information in the traffic accident report will be the initial documentary evidence of the crash that insurance adjusters review so it is helpful that the information in the report be correct.  Having said this, we regularly provide successful legal representation and obtain full compensation for people where the report did contain inaccuracies.

If you notice an error in the police report, there is a process that may be pursued to have the police report amended. The probability that the mistake will be rectified depends on the nature of the error. We have provided an overview of how to go about getting Atlanta Accident Reports revised when relevant information is missing or incorrect.

Incorrect Objective Factual Information: There are certain types of factual information that can be objectively verified beyond dispute. This type of factual information includes driver's license numbers, names of insurance carriers, license plate numbers and similar objective facts. When inaccuracies like this appear in the report, the officer who conducted the investigation and prepared the report will typically amend or supplement the report if you provide evidence of the correct information. Because these types of facts are not really open to dispute since they lend themselves to easy verification, the officer will typically make the appropriate changes.

Omitted Factual Information: If Atlanta Accident Reports fails to include important statements or evidence at the scene, an accident victim can contact the officer to inquire about why the information was not included. If the officer agrees that the information was inadvertently left out of the report, the officer again may decide to file an amended or supplemental report. The officer has discretion whether to change the report so it typically will depend on the officer's recollection.

Disputed Information: When evidence is a matter of dispute such as the precise content of witness statements, the officer is less likely to change the report. The officer may have included a misquoted statement from you that was made at the scene of the traffic accident. If you believe that the accident report contains an inaccurate misstatement or other evidence that is open to dispute, the officer may elect to modify the report if you indicate that the report is inaccurate. The correct information can be provided to allow the officer to decide whether to amend or supplement the report.

An important proviso is that car crash victims are advised to obtain legal advice from one of our experienced auto accident lawyers at Montlick and Associates before contacting the investigating officer to have Atlanta Accident Reports revised. There is a risk that communication with the police will make matters worse so this is not a step that we generally advise you to take without first obtaining legal counsel.

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