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Common Questions about Atlanta Car Accident Reports

December 30, 2013

Most people are not involved in multiple collisions that result in serious injury, but this also means that those involved in such collisions will typically lack experience regarding the best way to protect their legal rights and remedies. The actions that you take at a car accident scene, such as requesting that a police officer conduct a crash investigation or providing statements that are included in that report can have a significant impact on the success of your car accident claim. Our auto collisions lawyers at Montlick and Associates have provided information that addresses many of the common questions we receive about how to protect one's rights when dealing with Atlanta Car Accident Reports and law enforcement crash investigations.

Are accident investigations necessary when the other driver admits that the accident was his fault at the scene?

Some people involved in collisions presume that there is no need for any law enforcement involvement or Atlanta Car Accident Reports because the other driver admits being distracted and failing to stop or otherwise making a driving error. While the idea of exchanging insurance information or making arrangement for a direct cash payment may seek like a no hassle way to resolve the issue, this may prove to be a huge mistake. There are many types of injuries including head injuries, back and neck injuries and others that do not always immediately manifest serious symptoms. If you later need medical care, the other driver may be a lot less accommodating when faced with reimbursement for expensive hospital bills, claims for lost wages and other types of harm or loss.

Will the police send me a police report when it is completed?

Atlanta Car Accident Reports are fairly easy to obtain, but you must be proactive because the law enforcement agency will not automatically forward a report to those involved in the collision. There are several ways that you can obtain Atlanta Car Accident Reports. One option is to call the Atlanta Police Department Central Records Unit at (404) 546-7461 or visit the police station to pick up the report. An even easier option is to go online and request the report at the website The report usually will be made available within a few days to about a week of the accident. This process is much smoother if you obtain the accident report number from the police officer investigating the traffic accident at the scene.  However, it is important to note that we take care of getting the accident report for our clients!

Are there steps that can be taken to increase the likelihood that Atlanta Car Accident Reports are useful in pursuing my personal injury claim?

If you are involved in a collision, you may wish to share with the officer the conduct you observed by the other driver that was unsafe or constituted an unlawful driving practice. Further, you should not make any statement that might suggest you were at-fault, and even an innocuous "I am sorry" can be twisted to look like an acknowledgement that you did something wrong by skilled insurance lawyers. When the police arrive you should be honest and cooperate by stating facts.  Avoid guessing, making admissions or giving your opinions.  If you know that witnesses exist that will support your understanding of what happened, you should encourage the officer to interview such witnesses.

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