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The Importance of Verifying the Accuracy of Atlanta Car Accident Reports

December 13, 2013

When drivers call to report an accident to the police so that a crash site investigation can be conducted, they might assume that the report will be an accurate reflection of what actually transpired. While police officers that investigate collisions involving motor vehicles generally have extensive experience collecting physical evidence, interviewing witnesses and otherwise gathering information included in Atlanta Car Accident Reports, this does not guarantee that such reports are completely accurate. The investigating officer will often extrapolate from the physical evidence or factual accounts received and draw mistaken conclusions about which driver caused the collision.

Since Atlanta Car Accident Reports typically constitute the first version of a collision that insurance adjusters, defense attorneys and others receive, the accuracy of the information can impact settlement negotiations and the ultimate compensation that is paid by the at-fault driver and/or other responsible parties. Despite his or her best efforts, the police officer that responds to the scene of the collision may make errors or rely on information that is inaccurate, which is provided by witnesses. If this happens, the officer may include opinions in the report regarding the responsible party and cause of the collision that assigns blame to the party who was the victim of the other driver's negligent conduct.

When information that is incorrect makes it into the police reports or critical information is omitted, car crash injury victims might want to have Atlanta Car Accident Reports revised or supplemented. Because rectifying such errors is a priority, it is important to obtain a copy of the report as soon as it becomes available. Whether you obtain the report by submitting a request online or directly from the police department that prepared the report, it will usually be available within a few days to about a week. All Atlanta Car Accident Reports are assigned an identifying number so obtaining this number from the officer at the site of the collision will make it easier to check on the status of the report and to obtain a copy.

When you retain Montlick & Associates to handle your auto accident claim, one of the first things that we do is obtain a copy of the accident report. Even if you notice that some factual information in the report is incorrect, sometimes it might be advisable to speak with a personal injury attorney before contacting the investigating officer to have the error corrected, or the attorney may determine that it is not necessary. There is always a risk that an injury victim will make statements that undermine one's claim, but our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer can advise you regarding how to go about have the mistakes in the police report addressed without inadvertently undermining your car accident claim. Generally, factual errors like transposed digits in a driver's license number will be easier to get changed than statements or opinions from witnesses that are not correct. 

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