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The City of Atlanta Seeks to Stop the Rise in Fatal Traffic Accidents

March 11, 2022

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - A news report published on states that six people were tragically killed in two separate motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta. The first motor vehicle accident occurred in DeKalb County at the intersection of Snapfinger Road and Wesley Chapel Road.  According to law enforcement authorities, three people tragically died.

According to one witness, a sedan burst into flames following a collision with a van. Eyewitnesses helped two people out of the van, and they were hospitalized. The three occupants were entrapped inside the burning vehicle, and witnesses were unable to rescue the accident victims. 

A few hours later, three more people were tragically killed in a separate accident on Interstate-85 Northbound by the Buford Highway connector. The Atlanta Police reported that they were tragically killed following a collision with a tractor-trailer truck. They were also rear-ended, according to law enforcement authorities. The Georgia State Patrol is investigating that accident. 

The City of Atlanta is trying to identify new approaches to eliminate fatal traffic accidents, which are on a record pace throughout the country, according to a media release from the Atlanta Mayor's Office.  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 32,000 people were killed in vehicle accidents in the first nine months last year. This equals a twelve percent increase from the year prior. 

Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) Commissioner Josh Rowan and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens examined how City of Atlanta was working to reduce traffic accidents and deaths in Atlanta.

Mayor Dickens stated that there are more vehicles on the roads, and some drivers are driving more recklessly. Mayor Dickens stated that Vision Zero is a valuable resource that helps the city lower speed limits, reduce accidents, and halt traffic fatalities in Atlanta. Vision Zero will also help keep Atlanta safer for bikers, pedestrians, and drivers. 

The Atlanta's Vision Zero Roadway Safety Initiative includes: 

  • New 25 MPH speed limit signs.
  • Auditory signal timers and countdown traffic signals for safer pedestrian crossways. 
  • Striping machines to implement more efficient crosswalks, bicycle lanes, and centerlines, and striping installation and repair.

The mayor's office said that the Atlanta City Council committed to executing Vision Zero in April 2020. The Atlanta City Council also agreed to a default speed on city roads of 25 miles per hour. Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) crews are reviewing the project plans to execute the safer road designs. ATLDOT Commissioner Rowan stated that the work that was showcased during a tour focused on the principal goals of the Vision Zero platform. These goals include improving visibility, lowering speeds, making Atlanta's streets safer, and eliminating severe injuries and traffic fatalities. ATLDOT crews work each day to improve roadway safety, and they are putting Vision Zero principles into motion.

Vision Zero was initially created in Sweden and was adopted by the City of Atlanta and major cities throughout the United States. The program has been effective in eliminating traffic deaths and serious accident injuries.  

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