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Business Calls by Distracted Drivers Constitute a Serious Hazard for Atlanta Motorcyclists

November 12, 2013

Studies of fatal motorcycle accidents reveal that drivers making cell phone calls or texting constitute the fastest growing hazard for motorcycle riders on the roads of Georgia. The sobering reality is that a driver placing a sales call to maximize efficiency during a commute is far more likely to miss a stop sign and crash into a motorcyclist. The results of this kind of collision are often tragic, with families left devastated both emotionally and financially.

Traffic laws have been enacted to stop distracted driving and reduce the number of accidents on Georgia highways, but sometimes these laws simply are not adequate in the ongoing battle against deadly driving habits. Although texting behind the wheel has been banned for all Georgia drivers, the Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports that motorcycle fatalities are still up approximately nine percent so far this year despite more aggressive law enforcement efforts aimed at distracted driving. The GHSA recently indicated that around 5,000 motorcycle riders perish on the roads nationwide every year, and the organization also identified distracted drivers as a factor in many of those deaths while labeling the habit an "epidemic."

To truly impact the tragic number of wrongful deaths from motorcycle accidents that occur on our roads, more drivers need to become aware of the unique vulnerability of motorcyclists when crossing paths with distracted drivers. Even when a driver takes just two or three seconds to glance at their smartphone to read a text or look at a photo, this can be more than enough time to prevent a driver from noticing an oncoming motorcycle and avert a collision.

With so many people experiencing financial pressure because of tough economic times, it is perhaps predictable that some motorists feel compelled to use their time in the car as a chance to make work-related calls and texts. But there is no justification for putting motorcyclists and others on the road at risk. Fortunately, more companies are educating their employees about distracted driving and its deadly consequences. However, the behavior continues to cause far too many accidents for motorcycle riders when companies do not implement or enforce such policies.

When a motorist is talking, texting or browsing the Web, it becomes impossible to fully focus on safe driving. Just like someone who gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, a driver using a smartphone is more likely to blow through a stop sign or drift over the center line.

The results – particularly for someone on a motorcycle – can be life-altering injuries that impact one's job, family and quality of life. Recovery can take months or years and generate hospital bills that climb into the millions. In many motorcycle accidents caused by distracted drivers, victims are left disabled so that they cannot earn a living and support their family. When this lost income combines with high medical bills, the only option for many is to declare bankruptcy if they are not able to successfully pursue a motorcycle accident personal injury claim.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of a distracted driver, call Montlick and Associates today and talk with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. After reviewing the details of your case, we will evaluate your right to bring a personal injury claim or wrongful death action. Distracted driving is a preventable problem, and the motorists who insist on putting others at risk should be held responsible when a motorcycle rider, pedestrian or other motorist gets hurt.

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