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Car Accident Fractured Bone Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

December 28, 2021

When someone is involved in a serious car accident, they may suffer fractured bones, concussions, lacerations, and several other injuries. 

The following list contains the most frequent causes of fractured bones.  

  • Being ejected from a motor vehicle during an accident.
  • Hitting the pavement after being thrown off of a motorcycle. 
  • Crushing forces such as a motorcycle falling on top of someone or a tractor-trailer truck collision. 
  • Bracing for impact.
  • Being struck by loose items in the car during an accident.
  • Slamming face forward into the windshield.

Types of Broken Bones

At 30 MPH, a passenger not wearing their seat belt in an auto accident experiences the same force as they would falling from a 3-story building or being struck by a 3-ton elephant. These types of forces show us how easy it is to sustain bone breaks in a car accident.

The most common types of car accident-related broken bones are as follows:

Clavicle Fractures - The clavicle bone runs along the top of your rib cage. The clavicle bone is the most breakable bone in the body. It is very thin in density and is fractured in many auto crashes.

Spinal Vertebrae Fractures (of the Neck or Back) - Spinal vertebrae often break in head-on or rear-end collisions due to the accident force on the body caused by seat restraint or airbags.

Pelvic Bone Fractures - Pelvic bone fractures usually happen in high-impact incidents such as motorcycle accidents.  However, pelvic bone fractures also occur in severe car accidents.  

Femur (upper leg) and Fibula (lower leg) Fractures - Broken legs are very common car accident injuries. Since both the femur and the fibula are strong bones, the amount of force in a severe auto wreck can crush the leg with significant force.

Cranial (skull) Fractures - Cranial fractures must be treated quickly because the fracture could damage the brain.  Cranial fractures usually occur when a person strikes their head on the window, windshield, dashboard, or steering wheel. Occasionally, these injuries go undetected immediately since there is usually no visible sign of injury.

Facial Bone Fractures - When the accident victim's face strikes an airbag, windshield, dashboard, or steering wheel, the victim may sustain a broken nose, cheekbone, jaw, or orbital bones. These bones are extremely prone to fracture during an accident.

Sternum (breastbone) and Rib Fractures - The rib cage occupies a large section of the body.   These bones protect the heart, lungs, and vital organs from impacts.  Rib bones are often broken when a passenger in a car lurches forward sharply into their seat belt.

The Types of Broken Fractures

The following is a list of bone fractures that frequently occur in serious auto accidents.

Avulsion Fractures: These fractures are extremely painful.  Avulsion fractures occur at the place where the bone detaches from the ligaments and tendons.

Buckle Fractures:   Buckles typically occur in small children.  This occurs when the bone starts to break but buckles or bends instead of fracturing.

Comminuted Fractures: This is a bone fracture that consists of more than two pieces.   

Compound Fractures:   A compound fracture is a bone fracture that pokes out of the skin.

Hairline Fractures: Hairline fractures are very small bone breaks.  Victims may not know that they have a fracture and believe the pain is from a severe bruise.

Oblique Fractures:   An oblique fracture advances along a diagonal course.  

Stress Fractures:   Stress fractures are very similar to buckle fractures because one side of the bone bends while the other side fractures.

Transverse Fractures: Transverse fractures are bones that break at a right angle position and into two pieces. 

Diagnosing Broken Bones Following a Car Accident

Physicians use various proven clinical practices to diagnose broken bones and develop an effective treatment plan for each of the accident victim’s injuries.If signs of a broken bone are present, the doctor may order x-rays to provide visible images of the bone to see what tis going on inside. Moreover, doctors might order a CT Scan when they suspect a bone break, but cannot see the fracture on an x-ray.  

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Car Accident Fractured Bone Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

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