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Fatal Tire Failure Rollover Accident Lawyers in Georgia

December 28, 2021

Georgia State Patrol recently reported that two people were tragically killed in an I-95 tire blowout accident in Georgia. The two victims were a mother and teen daughter who lived in Florida. The motor vehicle accident also injured six other people. According to the accident report, a Dodge Durango flipped over at mile marker 79 in Liberty County, Florida.  

Georgia State Patrol stated that the Dodge Durango was heading north along I-95 when the SUV suffered a "tire failure." The tire blowout caused the SUV's driver to lose control over their vehicle and overturn. The accident report stated that two occupants were ejected from the motor vehicle. The six other passengers in the SUV were transported to Memorial Hospital in Savannah.

Defective Tires Cause Devastating Crashes

TWhen a tire fails, the motor vehicle can lose control resulting in a severe auto accident with injuries or death. In some instances, the vehicle can roll over, send the vehicle into oncoming traffic, or collide with pedestrians along the side of the road. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2% of all accidents are caused by the motor vehicle itself, and of those accidents, 35% were caused by tire issues. This means tire issues cause more than 14,000 motor vehicle accidents per year. Tire malfunctions are responsible for over 700 fatalities each year, on average. This is due to the tremendous amount of air pressure. Any defect or failure will normally occur with extreme force, posing a serious accident risk. 

If an accident investigation indicates that a defective tire caused your motor vehicle crash, you might be able to file a product liability case against the manufacturer, distributor, and/or retail.

The most common tire defects are:

  • Inadequate puncture repair
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Retread failure
  • Tread separation
  • Steel belt and tread separation 
  • Tires made without separation prevention design characteristics
  • Tire damaged during mounted
  • Improper tire mounted

These tire defects can cause different dangers. For example, a separation of metal and rubber can lead to a tire blowout, which leads is one of the most dangerous types of tire failures. 

How to Determine Liability in Tire Failure Accidents

Determining which party should be held liable in a tire failure accident can be very complicated.  This is because your accident attorney must examine multiple possibilities and determine who should be held responsible, such as:

The Driver of the Motor Vehicle:  The driver of the motor vehicle is typically the first stop when trying to ascertain who was at fault for the accident.  Law enforcement look at evidence of failure to yield, speeding, driver intoxication or other traffic violations to determine the cause of an accident.

The Tire Manufacturer:  When a tire fails due to defects in the manufacturing process, the tire manufacturer could be held liable for the accident.  However, it is vital to keep both the tire and any tire fragments as evidence in a case against the tire company.

The Auto Manufacturer:  Federal law now requires all new motor vehicles must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems.  

Government Entities and Agencies:  In some circumstances, the tire failure was caused by severe road hazards.  In most cases it may not possible to file a lawsuit against government agencies depending on the facts or jurisdiction of the case.

If a tire on a motor vehicle fails, the owner of the motor vehicle with the defective tire may have a claim against the tire manufacturer, or the tire installation company. 

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Fatal Tire Failure Rollover Accident Lawyers in Georgia


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