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Recent Fatal Road Rage Reports Provides Warning About Confronting Aggressive Drivers

October 03, 2013

Most drivers have encountered aggressive or discourteous drivers who tailgate, pass on the shoulder, honk and flash their headlights in a motorist rearview mirror or otherwise engage in driving behavior that can increase the risk of a traffic accident.  Our Atlanta Road Rage Accident Attorneys regularly advise motorists to avoid retaliating or escalating such an incident because there is no way to predict how the other motorist will respond.  Despite these warnings, many people dismiss the risk of motorists becoming so unglued that they  respond in a way that can cause a motor vehicle crash or engage in an act of violence like a physical assault or shooting.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine that there are people that react this violently so we have provided some examples of several road rage incidents reported in the USA Today within the span of a few weeks.

1) Driver Empties Clip into Motorists after Near Accident

A driver who ran a red light and almost collided with another vehicle was charged with second-degree murder and faces twenty years to life in prison after fatal shooting another motorist according to a USA Today report.  The man who alleged emptied his weapon and reloaded during the incident was already in an agitated state as he allegedly drove home after being confronted by his wife about an affair.  When he almost hit the other vehicle, the victim in the other vehicle followed him to inquire about why the man had cut her off in the intersection.  As she approached the man, he shot her repeatedly hitting her in the chest and head.  This fatal road rage incident might have been avoided had the woman not made attempted to confront the wrong man on the wrong day.  While there is no way the victim could have known what she was walking into a fatal encounter, this lack of knowledge about the character and mental stability of an aggressive driver makes it a risky proposition to provoke a confrontation.

2) Fatal Road Rage Incident Leads to Fatal Shooting of Both Drivers

This incident occurred when one driver became angry as he was tailgating another vehicle.  When the driver in the lead vehicle turned and pulled into a business parking lot, the other driver followed him and allegedly began discharging his firearm at the other motorist.  The second driver then pulled a gun and fired back; both men suffered fatal gunshot injuries during the shootout.

3) Man Executed for Fatal Shooting of Two Tractor-Trailer Drivers

A man was executed for his decision to shoot two truck drivers in a road rage incident.  The man who was executed for his conduct in the fatal road range confrontation fired into the cab of the first truck driver after the trucker cut off the assailant’s motorcycle.  The man was so enraged that he later shot and killed another truck driver who was merely refueling at a gas station.

To put the extent of the risk of suffering personal injury or death in a road rage encounter into perspective, one need only consider that these are just a few prominent examples of nationally reported road rage incidents from a single newspaper source during the last few weeks.  Although it can be upsetting to be exposed to the risk of an accident because of a driver who is engaged in aggressive driving practices like tailgating, weaving through traffic, passing on the shoulder and similar acts of unsafe driving, the potential for much more serious harm exists when confronting a driver whose identity and mental state is unknown.  We encourage people to simply stay clear of aggressive drivers because it is the safest way to avoid a collision or potential road rage incident.

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